Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Swimsuit for Ruby's AG Doll

Back when Ruby was born we were given this swimsuit as part of a "beach themed" baby gift.  Since Ruby was born in March the "pickins were slim" said the gift giver. The bikini was a size 6X and way to teeny in the material department.   (I prefer my daughters swim bottoms with more coverage!)  Still I put it away in a drawer till today when it was decided Crystal (Ruby's AG doll) needed a suit.  Time for a quick little refashion!
 Original Swimsuit
The top required only removing a 5 inch strip from the original's back and then sewing it back together.  For the doll bottoms I cut off the front portion of the suit by the strings and past the lined crotch.  I sewed the sides in and then stitched the remaining strip up and over.  Crystal's new suit on left - leftover material on right.
AG Swimsuit Refashion
And here's Crystal in her new suit!  She's cute and still covered.
AG Swimsuit Refashion
Seems like quite sometime since I've done any sewing on this blog but believe me I've been at the machine.   I'm working towards a few craftshows and time is a flying!   Summer always seems that way.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paper Spiky Flower Tutorial

 Here's another tutorial I created for Paper Studio.  A fun "spiky" paper flower that would work well on a wreath or in place of a bow on a present.
Spiky Flowers
Let's get started.
Step 1: Gather you supplies.  I used the following:
Double sided paper 1 1/2" x 12"
Zips (clear adhesive lines)
Supplies for Spiky Flower
Step 2 : Score down the middle the full length of your paper strip. My paper piece was 1 1/2" so I scored at 3/4".
Spiky Flower Step 1
Step 3: Fold paper strip in half along score line.  Cut along the fold at a 45 degree angle 1/4" strips.  Leave at least an 1/8" along the bottom uncut.
 Spiky Flower Step 2
Step 4:  Apply Zips adhesive to one side of your still folded and cut paper along that bottom 1/8".
 Spiky Flower Step 3
Step 5: Start rolling round and round your cut paper strip while unrolling your zips backing.  (Here's a view of the backside while doing this.)
 Spiky Flower Step 4
Step 6:  Finish going round and firmly press flower base. 
 Spiky Flower Step 5
Step 7:  Your flower will look a bit stiff and squat till you "fluff" the petals.  Do this by gently opening the petals along the score lines with your fingers.
 Spiky Flower Step 6
Finished Spiky Flower!
Spiky Flower Step 7
There are lots of possibilities with all the different colors, thicknesses and lengths of paper choices available.   So happy flower making! - Misty

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Embossing on Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting

The following is a tutorial I made for a posting on the Paper Studio blog a few days ago.   I love the finish it creates so I'm sharing it here now.
You can emboss on Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings to give them a gilded antiquity or metallic look. 

Here's how...
Epiphany Crafts Embossing Tutorial
Step 1: Gather your supplies.
I used the following:
Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings - Cabana
Brilliance Galaxy Gold Ink
Ranger Super Fine Detail Gold Embossing Powder
Snap Tray
Embossing Tool
 Epiphany Crafts Embossing Tutorial
Step 2: Ink the top surface of your Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting with Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink. 
 Epiphany Crafts Embossing Tutorial
Step 3:  Place inked Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting into Snap Tray and cover the inked surface with embossing powder.  Lightly tap off excess into Snap Tray.  Place Vintage Setting aside and pour remaining embossing powder back into original container. 
 Epiphany Crafts Embossing Tutorial
Step 4: Emboss the Epiphany Crafts Vintage Setting with an Embossing Tool or similar heat gun.  Make sure your Vintage Setting is on a nonflammable hard surface before embossing and let to cool a few minutes following the embossing.
Epiphany Crafts Embossing Tutorial
Step 5: Admire the beautiful new gilded look!  From pretty to antiquity! 
Here's my finished card.
Epiphany Crafts Card
It's so much prettier in person.   The colors didn't photogragh as well as I'd hoped.  Here's the list o' ingredients.
Epiphany Crafts Card Ingrediants
This is really easy to do.  So try a little embossing on your Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings for a truly stunning effect!
 I'm thinking I've probably lots of crafting items in my stash I could emboss on, I'm going to go digging now.
Happy Embossing! - Misty

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Wreath

When thinking of something to make and offer as a class project for Paper Studio during the summer months I knew a "Welcome Wreath" was in order.  Something bright and cheery.Welcome Wreath
Bella BLVD's paper collection "Sunshine & Happiness"  makes me giddy!  I love this paper line so much.   A 12" rainbow of goodness!  Quite a change from my earth tones preference of browns, olive greens, and greys.
Welcome Wreath
Then add the Sizzix/Hero Arts Framelits Die Stamp "Bold Pop Designs Set" and bring on the flowers!   Tim Holtz Distress Inks and Distress Stickles tie all the fun together.
  Welcome Wreath
I used the Fiskars Circle Squeeze Punches to make the terrific "ranunculus" flowers.  
Welcome Wreath
This wreath has a little bit of everything.  For more information and class times please give Paper Studio a call 715-356-6464. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Quick DIY Big Girl to Little Girl Skirt Fix

So it was "Bag Day" at the church's Spring Rummage Sale and among the goodies I found this skirt.   I knew right away Rubes would look great in it.   The bright colors, flowers, and length.  Ha!  There in lay the problem.  As you can see it fit me.   The below over exposed pic shows or rather, proves it needed some adjusting.   Lucky for me I had 5 minutes.  Seriously.  That's all the time this type of fix requires.   *When looking for skirts for this type of DIY you'll want sizes 5 (misses or teen) and under.  I know you've seen the sizes 0, 1, or 2 and thought "What?" followed by "Aren't these a little short?"  I like to think I'm sparing society from "indecent exposure".
 Resizing Floral Skirt Before
You'll need :
1 piece of Elastic measuring the waist of the child.
Seam Ripper
Large Safety Pin
Sewing Machine (or Needle to hand sew)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 1
Step 1: Locate the zipper area. (No zipper? Use a side seam. )
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 2
Step 2: Working on the inside of the skirt, with a seam ripper, take out only part of each side seam by zipper to fit your elastic through.  (With no zipper - take out only some of the stitches down the middle of the side seam.)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 3
Step 3:  Place a safety pin on one end of your elastic.  Thread this end through one opening till opposite end reaches zipper seam.  Tuck the elastic under the zipper and sew the seam closed.   (No zipper - Thread elastic all the way through waistband till both ends are exposed and sew elastic ends together.)
Resizing Floral Skirt Step 4
Step 4:  Finish pulling the safety pinned elastic all the way through the waistband.  Take off safety pin, tuck elastic under zipper and sew seam shut.  Find intended wearer and make them pose for photos.  (No zipper - Tuck elastic band into skirt waistband and hand sew seam opening closed.)
Resizing Floral Skirt After
Ruby in her new skirt!  Notice how perfect the length is!
Resizing Floral Skirt After
Due to the gathered waist there's a lot of twirl factor with this type of alteration!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Need Of A Crafting Portfolio

I felt like the last one to know.  I realize now that I'm not.  Still, I was taken by surprise when I read through the Craft Show application.   There it was:

"Arts and Craft Exhibitors must send pictures of themselves physically producing their items, as well as pictures of the final products to be sold...."

Whoa.   Pictures of ME making my stuff.  I've taken lots of photos of items I've made, even the how to but I'm never "physically" in them.  So I looked for  another show venue, our local Farmer's Market.   And guess what....


PHOTOS of the products you are selling are required—you must send at least 3 photos of your original, handmade work and the production process, along with your application and payment, even if you have participated in our events in the past. If you make and sell more than one type of craft, we require that you indicate that on your application and include photos of all items. Any categories not indicated on the application will be disallowed."

Well,  I'm glad "Handmade " has reached this level of respect and that everyone wants proof that my items are truly mine.  However it looks as though I'll be delayed in selling anything for a bit.  I've set up crafting central on my back porch and figured out the timer on my camera.  I'm focusing on the following...
Creating a Crafting Portfolio
Stuffed Wiener Dog Toy Step 2
Pictures of me cutting out pattern pieces.   Stuffed Wiener Dogs -DONE
Necktie Snakes Step 5
Embroidery stitching or hand sewing items.  Necktie Snakes - DONE
Furrowed Stitches Headband Step 3
Stamping my Furrowed Stitches Logo.   Headbands - DONE
Wiener Dog Shirt Step 4
Machine sewing.  Running Wiener Dog Shirts - DONE
Changable Flowers Headbands Finished
Final pictures of me with the variety of each item.  Changeable Flower Headbands - DONE
I've completed 7 projects with a total of 52 photos with me physically in them.   Crazy.  I've done my hair, put on makeup and tried to be as consistent as possible since a few of my projects are hard to complete in 1 sitting.   Normally I do steps in bulk as the tools are already out and there's a rhythm to the process.   I've 3-5 more to go before I'm happy but I've enough completed to enter a show with plenty of completed stock.  Now to find an August show.

I'm also very aware that my brow is "furrowed" in more than a few photos.   For me, that's a sign of serious creating happening!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm In Transition!

I'm going through a name change here.   Furrowed Stitches will be a better fit for me.  Since it takes me a while to work the kinks in all things please keep your fingers crossed and make the change from...
They say 3 days.  Change is good and I'm doing it!!!!
Thanks- Misty
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