Sunday, July 27, 2008

School Supplies

I was at my folks' house this past weekend for a few days. It's a different feeling when I'm back at the farm. Rubes and Teo love being able to run, run, run. Teo was doing his "super boy" run every time we stepped outside. (Arms out to his sides, pretending to fly.) We always take our dog ,Fry, with us and she does the wild wiener run with all her relatives. Imagine if you will, 7 miniature dachshunds running as fast as they can in the front lawn chasing each other. Cracks me up every time. While there my sister, Aurora, and I went to Target for school supplies. Rubes starts Pre-K this fall. The list arrived a month ago with all the necessary items. Rubes is super excited. She tells everyone she sees that she's going to school. As soon as the school section comes into view she starts running and yells with unbridled joy, "Mom, they have backpacks!!!" Aurora goes with her to narrow down the search while I collect the 8 small glue sticks that are on the list among other things. I like to think that I'm not an overly emotional person, at least not out in public while shopping, but when I saw her put on a backpack I got a little choked up. (The bag was half the size of her!) My little peanut was beaming and so proud and it hit me.....she's going to school. Next year she'll spend more time with her teacher and class than me.
We finished getting all the things we needed and headed back to the farm for more running and playing. Fall is coming too fast this year for this mom.

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