Monday, July 21, 2008

Woe is me at the Library.

The day started off well and thankfully ended that way. However, the middle contained a "Meltdown". Notice the capital M. We had to go to the library. Returning books and dropping off caterpillars. (The later being 2 monarch caterpillars for the bug themed summer. ) Anyway, we found new books, played with puzzles and blocks and it was nearing lunchtime. At the checkout counter it starts. Rubes, who is 4, pulls out the step stool, I put it back but Teo has already seen it. I'm slightly annoyed at Rubes because I'd asked her not to drag that stool out as we approached. Teo gets all rubber legged and whinny. He's 2 and it's almost nap time. I comment that it's going to be nap time for both of them. Rubes then starts bawling about hating naps. I calmly state that if she wasn't acting like this she wouldn't need one. Her volume only increases as we exit the building. Teo is still whining and now mad because I won't let him run in the parking lot. Rubes cranks it up another notch to red faced and shrieking.
I've remained smiling this whole time but now I'm irked. I get both crying kids in the car. Teo stops, realizing we're heading home. Rubes continues in her bawling protest. I proceed to use my 'stern angry mommy' voice to tell Rubes her behavior is unacceptable plus, she will most definitely be napping when we get home and if she's smart she had better not talk to me till I tell her she can.
I like to think I'm a fairly patient, tolerant mom. Rubes has only done this sort of thing 2 maybe 3 times before. I know hunger and being tired played a role in her behavior. Something about the speed of this tantrum totally thew me today. These are the days I know my child is her own person. I'm also fully aware that I will love her unconditionally even when I may not like her. It was tough. She took a hour and a half nap with her brother. Refreshed we continued our day in better spirits.


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Good Morning!

You are one of the winners of the Love as a Way of Life book by Gary Chapman.

Please respond to the email I sent with your name and mailing address and I will get the book out to you.



acer4u73 said...

Lord Bless you! I have had these days before and in the very same place:) I hope you week gets better!


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