Friday, August 1, 2008

I Think I Lost 4 Days of My Life.

I got a little carried away this week. Bloggy Carnival. I was a virgin of the Carnival and am now so definitely not. I was like an addict, I couldn't stop, I went to almost every site! And I wasn't just entering the giveaways! I was subscribing, reading posts and commenting. My children couldn't understand why mommy was at the "pewter" so much, why they could watch TV in the middle of the day and why I was still so tired the next day. I should point out that I still finished all cleaning of the church, library story hour, grocery shopping, laundry, and bath time for the kids. (We did eat regular meals, too.) Thing is every other available minute and into the night I was at the Carnival. Reminds me of when I was young and every Thanksgiving I'd over eat, feel sickly and pass out. I was 27 when I finally learned restraint for Turkey Day! Will it take 27 Carnivals to not feel like poo after 4 days of Giveaway madness? That's not saying it wasn't fun.

Here's my list of Positives from Bloggy Carnival:
1. My typing has improved.
2. I've learned tips to improve my Blog.
3. I'm subscribed to some sites I think I'll really enjoy!
4. Viewing many Esty sites has given me the desire and drive to pursue opening my own.
5. I may win some free stuff!!!!!!

1 comment:

The Mommy said...

Oh I feel the same way...especially about Etsy! I'm so excited about opening my own store...just trying to create some inventory and get past those thoughts that my things aren't good enough lol. I really need to step away from my computer too...the carnival sucks me in almost every day now!

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