Saturday, September 6, 2008

Domestic Wild Woman

The past few weeks have been out of control. Here's a sampling of the domestic wild woman I've become:

-Scrubbed the kitchen floor.
-Froze and canned a grocery bag of apples that I picked form the neighbor's trees. I've got wonderful neighbors, she told me to take all I wanted!
-Shredded and froze an 8lb. zucchini from another neighbor.
-Made 2 loaves of banana bread for the first time ever.
-Finished a double sized denim/flannel blanket. (A project from March!)
-Hemmed 3 pairs of pants.
-Hit the $1 Bag Day at the thrift store. Good deals for kids clothes and sewing items.
-Sent Rubes to Preschool.
-Attended Music Garden and the library with Teo.
-Rearranged entrance way to house for winter. (Hats and mittens are out.)
-Cleaned and organized sewing desk/corner space.
-Biked 8 miles pulling Teo in the carrier.
-Caught up on all bill filing.
-Took all the broken crayons in the house, melted them down in the oven in a muffin pan and now I have fat disk crayons. Great for Teo.
-Raked my lawn and driveway. We have lots of pine trees and thus pine cones.
-I also tacked on 5 extra hours at work.

I think a lot of this has to do with Autumn arriving. The changing of seasons tends to bring on a desire to create order and cleanliness in my surroundings. That or pregnancy.....which I'm definitely not. So, I'm like a squirrel gathering my nuts to hunker down for winter. I like the rhythm of routine. I like the start of the fall season for it means the tourists will leave and I can reclaim my town. (The population triples up here in this northwoods where I live.) All the playgroups, story times, Mops meetings, and now school activities will begin bring with it new friends and socialization. Still I'm not so sure I should try to keep up this sort of domestic wild woman style of week. It may very well kill me.

1 comment:

Summer said...

Oh my gosh. We have been on the same kick! I have been a crazy organizing, decluttering, cleaning lady too!

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