Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Boy and His Cars Should NOT Be Parted!

I had a "Mommy Learning Moment" the other night. I didn't realize it till the morning but hey, I don't tend to think too clearly between 2 & 4am. Teo went to bed with around 10 cars/trucks. He dinks around in his room before falling asleep and lately he's been passing out on the floor by his door. This night was no different. I went to check on him, scraped him off the floor and put him in his bed. (He leaves drool spots!) I picked up 2 cars from the floor by the door and put them back in the living room toy box. Then I went off to sleep. Around 2am I'm awoken by Teo chatting about his blanket and showing me a car. I take him back to his room, change his diaper and put him back to sleep. Or so I thought. He came back 6 more times that night! Till 4am! I think he even played a bit in the living room. Though my sleepy haze has me uncertain. Well, the next morning Teo comes in right as my alarm goes off still with his blanket and a car. (The car happened to be one of the two I had removed from his room the past evening.) As we make our way through the kitchen, turning on lights, and heading past the living room Teo heads to the toy box. The he exclaims, "Mama, vroom...vroom... mine!" In his once free hand he's holding the second car I'd taken out of his room. Holy guacamole... THAT was what was keeping him up last night! Silly me thinking all the other 8 vehicles would be enough! Now I know a boy and his cars should never be parted.

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