Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farewell Fall

I took these photos with the new camera a few weeks ago when the weather turned warm for a second. The last bits of Autumn still hanging on. I was playing with some of the special features on my Nikon Coolpix S550. In particular the Macro Mode which lets me take photos as close as 3.9 inches! I also spent some time taking photos of my face. That's not as easy as it sounds. Nor very flattering to be honest. I do however enjoy these. We have snow again today. Winter is here. Milkweed pod with escaping seeds. Rubes wanted to plant them in our yard. Hmmmm.Rich end of fall colors from 3 inches away! I love these jewel tones... maroon and burnt orange.

Black berry bushes. Alas no more berries. Farwell Fall, I'll miss you.


happydays525 said...

YAY, pictures!!!! =) Glad you're having fun with you camera!

mickey johnson said...

I love your pictures of Fall. I adore is my favorite season. How do you like your camera? I need a new one and you seem to like yours. The pictures are certainly nice!

Summer said...

I am soooo sad that fall is over. The trees are all bare and it is so c-c-c-c-cold!!!!!

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