Friday, November 14, 2008

Seriously People...

I wonder about people sometimes. Not so much why they do the things they do but rather where they choose to do them. I'm talking about fingernails and toenails. We all have to trim them, yes, but where we do that should be done with some thought. I strongly believe one should not trim them during a church service and then leave them behind! First off, I may very well be the one cleaning up said nails. Yick. Secondly, you're supposed to be listening to the sermon. Save your soul from hell, O.K.? In case you're wondering it's fingernails in winter and toenails come spring. That's how I know the general public believes it's warm enough to wear sandals to church. They leave their toenails there. Seriously people...

My Pastor suggested I come up with a Church Cleaner's 10 Commandments for Parishoners.

Commandment #1
Thou shall not trim fingernails or toenails in the Church. Ever.
It's gross.

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? Yikes, that's just not cool...

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