Saturday, December 13, 2008

Underwear Up There?

So we bought some little tighty whiteys for Teo the other day. The following conversation took place.

Me: (Opening package of underwear.) "Teo, come here and see what Mommy has."
Teo: (Running into room.) "What?"
Me: "Do you know what these are?"
Teo: (Sounding excited.) "Unner wear! Mine!"
Me: "Yep, these are yours when you start using the potty."
Teo: "Me wear, me wear!"
Me: "Well we'll have to wash them first but if you want to look at them you can."
Teo: (Grabbing the underwear.) "Me wear!"

And then he put them on his head.
Next he pulled them down so that he could look out through a leg hole.
That's my boy. We're not starting training yet..... I don't think we're ready.


The Mommy said...

Ok, I just have to comment here. I was taking a look at my blogger account and saw that you had commented. I immediately felt guilty for not stopping by in awhile. Actually, I haven't been reading many blogs at all for awhile. has just completely taken over my life!!!

Anyway, my 2 yo is sitting on the potty right now, watching "Cars". She LOVES her elmo panties, and adors all the positive reinforcement when she has a successful "go". However, if I leave the room even for a second, she's up and peeing in MY COMPUTER CHAIR!!! Oh. My. God. I'm loosing my mind.

Time for potty training boot camp! Gotta run...I hear tinkles in the potty chair behind me!

The Mommy said...

Nope, not sure sounded like it. Sigh.

Summer said...

Ha! That's very cute!

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