Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beef-A-Rama, Meat on the Street.

We have wacky stuff here in WI. Things that are only found in my lovely state. This weekend was the 44th Annual Beef-A-Rama. Oh, you're reading it correctly, I did write "Beef". It officially started Friday with a "Beef Eating" contest at the local Culver's. Followed by a Street Dance-Downtown. The real festivities where held on Saturday. The morning started off with the "Rump Roast Run". At noon the "Moo Calling Contest" had taken place. Now while this is all happening so had the Craft Show, live music, beef cooking/grilling, shopping and other store front specials. What's this you say? Beef cooking and grilling? Oh, yes... See, all the Downtown shops participate by cooking Beef. Usually on the street and while dressed as cows or in a lot of Holstein print. There are awards involved and a "Parade of Beef" down Main Street to the park where the sandwiches are made and sold. Only in a small town in WI. could the health department look the other way as the roasts roll by. And maybe that has something to do with the 10 thousand people who attend this yearly event. Beef-A-Rama... I love my meat even on the street.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

House of Snot

Oh... the Kleenex here and there. It's that time of year. Windows are closed and my allergies are kicked in since I've not dusted all summer. I'm working on the latter in between sneezes! Then Ruby got stuffed up. No fever and the occasional need of a tissue. O.K. Not too bad. Well, Teo woke up 7, or was it 8, times Friday night and come Saturday morning came the snot! Kleenex in the bedroom, kitchen, office, and living room. Also in my pockets because you never know when there will be a "runner"! Like all little kids Teo is prone to using his shirt sleeves or blanket. Yick. He started running a fever after dinner so I drugged him and he fell asleep in my arms while reading books on the couch at 6:45pm. He was so out and rag doll that I completely changed him into P.J.s and he never opened his eyes. At that point I decided to drag the futon mattress into Rubes and Teo's room for the night. (Hubby needed to be to work by 6am. this Sunday morning and there's no sense in the whole house not sleeping.) Well, Teo joined me on the futon around midnight and woke a few more times for nose blowing but seems to be on the up swing. (He ate 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast!) Still a slight fever but nothing scary and half the boogers of yesterday. Today I have the joy of locating and gathering all the rogue tissues in this house of snot.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mom, I Had A Good Day.

Here's my Preschooler! Rubes started school this past week complete with riding the bus both ways. The first thing she said as she got off the bus was, "Mom, I had a good day." Which was followed up with, "I had chocolate milk and a chocolate chip cookie." And then came, "We read a story about a frog who took off all his clothes and only had on underwear at school! That's silly!" Whew. She continued to talk for the next 2 hours all about school. At the end of the day she asked if she could go again. Yes, Rubes, you can go to school for at least the next 12 years.

Domestic Wild Woman

The past few weeks have been out of control. Here's a sampling of the domestic wild woman I've become:

-Scrubbed the kitchen floor.
-Froze and canned a grocery bag of apples that I picked form the neighbor's trees. I've got wonderful neighbors, she told me to take all I wanted!
-Shredded and froze an 8lb. zucchini from another neighbor.
-Made 2 loaves of banana bread for the first time ever.
-Finished a double sized denim/flannel blanket. (A project from March!)
-Hemmed 3 pairs of pants.
-Hit the $1 Bag Day at the thrift store. Good deals for kids clothes and sewing items.
-Sent Rubes to Preschool.
-Attended Music Garden and the library with Teo.
-Rearranged entrance way to house for winter. (Hats and mittens are out.)
-Cleaned and organized sewing desk/corner space.
-Biked 8 miles pulling Teo in the carrier.
-Caught up on all bill filing.
-Took all the broken crayons in the house, melted them down in the oven in a muffin pan and now I have fat disk crayons. Great for Teo.
-Raked my lawn and driveway. We have lots of pine trees and thus pine cones.
-I also tacked on 5 extra hours at work.

I think a lot of this has to do with Autumn arriving. The changing of seasons tends to bring on a desire to create order and cleanliness in my surroundings. That or pregnancy.....which I'm definitely not. So, I'm like a squirrel gathering my nuts to hunker down for winter. I like the rhythm of routine. I like the start of the fall season for it means the tourists will leave and I can reclaim my town. (The population triples up here in this northwoods where I live.) All the playgroups, story times, Mops meetings, and now school activities will begin bring with it new friends and socialization. Still I'm not so sure I should try to keep up this sort of domestic wild woman style of week. It may very well kill me.
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