Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fun, Frugalness and Facebook.

The resolutions are at work. Family time has made a welcome comeback. Yesterday it was a simple game of beanbag toss in the living room and we all laughed a lot. It even involved a "Mommy" dance that I'm not ready to share with the masses but one that both Rubes and Teo mimicked including the bum shake! Frugalness and creativity are at work together in 4 or is it 5 projects? There are 2 demin/fleece blankets started for a family that lost everything in a house fire. A stuffed "Wacky Wiener" Dog I'm sewing for a little boy. And finally Rubes has been invited to a birthday party this Saturday. We're making her friend a necklace and a necktie skirt. (I promise to post photos soon.) Lastly.........Facebook. Hmmmmm. I wasn't sure I wanted to but a friend of mine strongly (I repeat STRONGLY) suggested I set up a profile. Whoa. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with all this computer stuff.

1 comment:

Skye said...

I fell into facebook just three hours ago. I had held out for so long. Now I am fallen.

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