Thursday, January 15, 2009

Necktie Skirt

I finished this for a Birthday gift a few days ago. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Tis' the third necktie skirt I've made. This one was adjustable with an elastic waistband and button holes! Had I known how wonderful my sewing machine is with making button holes I'd have used the feature long ago. (I was fearful!) A front and a back view. There is no pattern or at least I don't have one. I simply lay out my chosen ties, cut them in half, alternate big & little to my liking and sew them together.
My oldest sis wants the next skirt I make. She'll be my first adult recipient.... could be fun.


Skye said...

If you need more ties let me know, I may have a few that need to be retired at some point.

Summer said...

I'ven ever seen such a thing. Very creative!!

happydays525 said...

This one is awesome Misty! I still have some extra's from the ones that you gave me for Zoey's skirt if you want them. Perhaps you would be so kind as to show me how my button-hole feature works on my machine sometime? Pretty please? =)

See you soon!


Patty said...

OMG! How cute! If you ever need ties let me know and I'll see if Steve has any he doesn't want anymore.

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