Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Bits

The ---- deer are eating my iris. I'm not happy about this. There's plenty of other stuff around here for them to eat. My neighbor down the way feeds them for crying out loud. I'm thinking I'll be hunting this year out of revenge. Potty training is going well. Still a few daily accidents but more hits than misses. Most misses are due to playtime. We'll get there. Shaved the legs the other day, took around 35 minutes! Whoa, that and the average hair was 3/4 an inch long... my Hubby is the best. The were a few references to being wed to a Sasquatch but otherwise he's quite tolerant. Hee! Having a family get together down at the folk's since Cody is home on leave. This time I'm getting a Family Photo of all the siblings and Mom and Dad. Still can't believe I spaced it at Christmas. So on that note... April showers bring May flowers. See you all come May with some pics of the family.

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