Monday, April 13, 2009

No Self Image Issues at the Moment

So I haven't been a big blogger these past 3 months or so. Lots of reasons really. A main one being lack of enthusiasm. I've been unsure of the direction I've wanted to take and thus not posted at all. That being said I'd hate to lose my 5 people who look forward to what I have to say and here's a special treat for you..... I let my children take pictures with the camera. I think the ones of me are pretty funny in a totally non-flattering way. My self image is pretty good these days so that's a blessing. Thing is there are a lot of photos of me with a variety of odd ball expressions out there. Most taken by my family. Makes me wonder... Rubes took this one. Not too horrible. I look a bit irritated though. Is that a snarl I see? (And holy huge hand!) I also look like I'm wearing a mouth guard. Ha.

Teo captured this beauty. Whoa... I now know what I'll look like when I lose my teeth. For some reason this one cracks me up. Maybe cause Rubes looks so sweet and I look like I'm smelling something foul.
Teo took his first self portrait. No boogers for a change.
Rubes took her own mug shot as well. She's got some big brown eyes.
I thought I'd end with a nice pic of Rubes and Teo in their Easter attire. Spring is here and I'm feeling optimistic. Hang in there my Peeps!

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

The dress is absolutely precious! Glad you got a nice picture of it for us! =)

And....I'm not too sure how it is that I feel about you joking around like your teeth like that...



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