Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Shaving?

So I thought Spring was here and was all prepared to shave. I've let the legs go since November. No, really. More than you wanted to know? Sorry. No, not really. Anyway, then it snowed! Some 8-10 inches over night and I thought now it's too cold again. So I'm still happy to wear pants. I've been meaning to get a haircut lately but the weather has put that on hold also. (I'm prepared to donated some 10-12 inches.) May looks promising for some free time or rather less "work" time. I'm cutting back my shifts with the Old People to one a week. I need it both mentally and sleep wise. It's often exhausting. Another reason I've not shaved this winter - I'd rather spend what little time I have doing other things. Finished two more dresses for Rubes but not taken pics as the weather stinks. Have I mentioned that I'm tired of the cold and snow? The snow is gone but knowing WI. it could be back even in May! Bleh. Maybe I'll try shaving tomorrow?.... Be happy I'm not posting pics of that! You can ask my sis, Tara, if you really want to know more.... She's seen them!

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Denise O. said...

Goodness Mighty Misty! I just read through your entire blog 'cause I couldn't stop giggling and wondering in awe all that you accomplish. I don't think you actually sleep. You must do some of this stuff while sleepwalking! I kind of want to be you when I grow up but I don't think I could keep up! Whew!

I swear you are one of the most talented peopele I know (&proably the loudest - HA!).

Thanks for getting me hooked on HULA too!

Love ya,

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