Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pants No More

I've been at the sewing machine again. A few weeks ago a friend of mine cleaned out her closet and offered up her cast aways to our MOPS group. I saw this pair of pants and knew it would make a fun dress for Rubes. In my excitement I didn't take a before pic (again). I was also thinking no one in WI. should wear this print as an adult. It was just too much for pants. (It's a bit more vibrant than the pics show.) So I split the seems on the legs and then sewed them together. Tapered upwards from the waist a bit to where I wanted the arm holes. Then I created a neckline by making a fold, stitching it down and threading through the original draw string. The best part of this dress is how it allows for growth. (I'm hoping for two summers worth of wear!) Notice how Rubes is posing... I'm fairly certain she picked this up at school. I really don't think it comes from me.
Anyway, I figured there was enough material left over for a top. Once I had the basic shape Rubes informed me that she didn't like her belly showing. (I'm hoping this bit of modesty will keep through the teenage years.) Thus what little fabric was left became a waist band.
Hard to tell here but I added a few flowers down the center seam of the waist band to pretty it up a bit. I love it on Rubes. She looks sooooo good in orange.
More poses. It was hard to see the clothes most of the time. She cracks me up!
Teo had to get in on the action. He's sooooo cute I just want to squeeze him! I've recently learned how to make pants for lil' boys he'll get some handmade love soon as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sibling Spotlight 2

Since I'm the second child, and there's plenty of time for me to write about myself here, I thought I'd just leave one little fact about me. I like chickens. Always have, always will. Their soft feathers. The way they bock, bock when you pet them. If you quietly repeat "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick" in their ear you can hypnotize them into sitting still while you run to the house get a drink of water and come back. As a kid on the farm I raised them (and ate them). I find that I laugh hardest at T.V. commercials when they feature farm animals. Especially chickens. Now I'm chicken less. I guess that means I'm an empty "nest-er".

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Makes A "Big Boy"?

So we were in Home Depot the other night. Teo was riding in a race car cart, pretending to drive as I pushed it along. As we drove by the kitchen section Teo waves to a smiling saleswomen. The following conversation took place:

Teo: "Hi."

Saleswomen : "Well, aren't you a big boy driving that car."

Teo: "Yeah I know. I pee standing up."

Saleswomen: Looks at me, "What did he say? I couldn't understand him."

Me: Unable to say anything cause I'm trying to breathe and laugh at the same time. I walk over and say, "He's potty training and just told you he's a big boy because he pees standing up. He's quite proud of that."

Saleswomen: "Oh, I have grandchildren doing that right now so I'm very familiar with the potty." Then she turns to Teo and adds, "Good for you, you are a big boy."

Bless her for being so sweet. I'm thinking all the positive reinforcement has now been reaffirmed. He sure is a becoming a "Big Boy".

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sibling Spotlight 1

I thought I'd feature each of my siblings with a post and a bit or two on why I love them. All started with reading a post here and getting sappy. I try to refrain from sap but eh, I like a good share of it now and then. I'm going to change it up with some goofy bits so here goes.... TARA. Oldest sister, hard worker, afraid of sponges. (Seriously.) Reminiscing... When we were teenagers she thought I ran her dog over with the 4wheeler so she proceeded to chase/run me down with said 4wheeler and run over my legs. I'm happy to say we've never disagreed like that since. I called her before telling the Hubby when I found out I was pregnant with Rubes. Proud owner of the bike and auntie to the child pictured above. She's the one who will give good ole facts and information about sex to my kids when they won't ask me. (I'm hoping they'll always come to me but hey, they just might not.) She's honest. I can count on her for truth.
She knows great people (like Big Kenny!) who are now my friends. And she doesn't tell me what to do; she tells me what she knows. She's my big sister and I love her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Did We Grow Up?

So the whole family was together this past weekend. All 8 siblings and the folks. (Cody was home on leave from Afghanistan and Skye drove over from D.C. ) These are the "nice" photos. So here's me and the Hubby with Rubes and Teo. Fry snuck in at the last minute. In the next few days I intend to post some of the "goofy" pics. There's a lot of them.
All the cousins. There's 2 on the way come fall! I'm hoping one is a girl for Rubes to play with. She holds her own but is a bit out numbered.
And here's me with my folks and siblings. Bottom row, left to right: Cherish, Tara, Mom, Dad, Me, and Aurora. Top row, Left to right: Skye, Summer, Tawnie and Cody.
When did we grow up?

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