Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pants No More

I've been at the sewing machine again. A few weeks ago a friend of mine cleaned out her closet and offered up her cast aways to our MOPS group. I saw this pair of pants and knew it would make a fun dress for Rubes. In my excitement I didn't take a before pic (again). I was also thinking no one in WI. should wear this print as an adult. It was just too much for pants. (It's a bit more vibrant than the pics show.) So I split the seems on the legs and then sewed them together. Tapered upwards from the waist a bit to where I wanted the arm holes. Then I created a neckline by making a fold, stitching it down and threading through the original draw string. The best part of this dress is how it allows for growth. (I'm hoping for two summers worth of wear!) Notice how Rubes is posing... I'm fairly certain she picked this up at school. I really don't think it comes from me.
Anyway, I figured there was enough material left over for a top. Once I had the basic shape Rubes informed me that she didn't like her belly showing. (I'm hoping this bit of modesty will keep through the teenage years.) Thus what little fabric was left became a waist band.
Hard to tell here but I added a few flowers down the center seam of the waist band to pretty it up a bit. I love it on Rubes. She looks sooooo good in orange.
More poses. It was hard to see the clothes most of the time. She cracks me up!
Teo had to get in on the action. He's sooooo cute I just want to squeeze him! I've recently learned how to make pants for lil' boys he'll get some handmade love soon as well.

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happydays525 said...

You are just amazing Misty! Love the dress and shirt and Ruby's expression's even more! =)

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