Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sibling Spotlight 1

I thought I'd feature each of my siblings with a post and a bit or two on why I love them. All started with reading a post here and getting sappy. I try to refrain from sap but eh, I like a good share of it now and then. I'm going to change it up with some goofy bits so here goes.... TARA. Oldest sister, hard worker, afraid of sponges. (Seriously.) Reminiscing... When we were teenagers she thought I ran her dog over with the 4wheeler so she proceeded to chase/run me down with said 4wheeler and run over my legs. I'm happy to say we've never disagreed like that since. I called her before telling the Hubby when I found out I was pregnant with Rubes. Proud owner of the bike and auntie to the child pictured above. She's the one who will give good ole facts and information about sex to my kids when they won't ask me. (I'm hoping they'll always come to me but hey, they just might not.) She's honest. I can count on her for truth.
She knows great people (like Big Kenny!) who are now my friends. And she doesn't tell me what to do; she tells me what she knows. She's my big sister and I love her.

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happydays525 said...

I'm a sucker for some good sap anyday! =)

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