Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Makes A "Big Boy"?

So we were in Home Depot the other night. Teo was riding in a race car cart, pretending to drive as I pushed it along. As we drove by the kitchen section Teo waves to a smiling saleswomen. The following conversation took place:

Teo: "Hi."

Saleswomen : "Well, aren't you a big boy driving that car."

Teo: "Yeah I know. I pee standing up."

Saleswomen: Looks at me, "What did he say? I couldn't understand him."

Me: Unable to say anything cause I'm trying to breathe and laugh at the same time. I walk over and say, "He's potty training and just told you he's a big boy because he pees standing up. He's quite proud of that."

Saleswomen: "Oh, I have grandchildren doing that right now so I'm very familiar with the potty." Then she turns to Teo and adds, "Good for you, you are a big boy."

Bless her for being so sweet. I'm thinking all the positive reinforcement has now been reaffirmed. He sure is a becoming a "Big Boy".

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