Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Did We Grow Up?

So the whole family was together this past weekend. All 8 siblings and the folks. (Cody was home on leave from Afghanistan and Skye drove over from D.C. ) These are the "nice" photos. So here's me and the Hubby with Rubes and Teo. Fry snuck in at the last minute. In the next few days I intend to post some of the "goofy" pics. There's a lot of them.
All the cousins. There's 2 on the way come fall! I'm hoping one is a girl for Rubes to play with. She holds her own but is a bit out numbered.
And here's me with my folks and siblings. Bottom row, left to right: Cherish, Tara, Mom, Dad, Me, and Aurora. Top row, Left to right: Skye, Summer, Tawnie and Cody.
When did we grow up?

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

It's so cool to put faces to the names Misty, great photos! Glad that you got to spend time with family! =)


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