Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few weeks have been "BUSY"! Here's a brief listing....
-Planned food for a Mops picnic.
-Finished up full weeks with the Old People and am now on 1 evening a week.
-Made 30 necklace pendants for a fundraiser.
-Have a new Tiny Serger by Singer that my sis Aurora got at a garage sale!
-Planted rhubarb, pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, beans and lettuce.
-Made a "Banging or Noise Wall".
-Got poison ivy from my dog on my right hand and managed to get rid of it!
-Bought fabric paint on clearance, yeah, and am trying freezer paper stenciling.
-Made a schedule of parks to play at every Tuesday during summer.
-Visited Grandma's house.Teo, Grandma, and Rubes going to water some of the horses.
Rubes lovin' one of Auntie Aurora's 9 Flemish Giant bunnies. Too cute.
Teo driving a tractor. The hubby calls this "the day Uncle Whitney became a god".
Myself and Rubes. Some part of her is always posing!
Teo claims we're frozen in this photo. Apparently when you freeze your tongue hangs out. Though the weather here is still a bit cool for this time of year I'm into summer with it's busy -as -a -bee -ness.

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

Love the pictures Misty! That one of Ruby with the bunny is just too sweet! Thanks for planning the park playdates and for the yummy food at the MOP'S picnic! =)

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