Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping Me Up At Night

It keeps me up at night. Nightmares, no. Little boy, no. Pregnant, whoa, no. It's the idea I have for a costume for Rube's friends birthday present. Seriously. I wake up to use the facilities and then I can't get the "idea" out of my head. I should probably just go work on it but I keep thinking sleep would be a good idea instead. I'm averaging an hour of awake time during the night over the past three or so days. Geez. Anyway, I've taken the before pics and am starting the sewing today. I'm really excited. Think "woodland fairy or princess". Soft rose pinks, sage greens, and various shades of browns. A breezy dress with matching cape. Through in a little gold leaf stenciling and ,poof, the idea. It keeps me up at night.

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