Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Sparkles Please.

It starts with Easter, if the weather is warm enough. By summer no Saturday is safe. Glitter. The pews have these shiny dusting spots that can only be described as "fairy explosions" here, there, and everywhere. Now I have no real issues with the glitter itself or that brides seem to deem it necessary for their bridesmaids to sparkle, however, it's a pain to clean up. That stuff wants to go anywhere but into the vacuum. The trouble is timing. See, on Saturdays the weddings happen, then there are 5 masses before I get the chance to clean-up. Older gentlemen don't seem to like glitter on there bums much. Nor do people at funeral services. (Which sometimes happen on Mondays.) So, I firmly believe it would be a good thing if people followed my second commandment of the church cleaner.

Commandment #2
Thou should NOT wear any type of "glitter" in the church for any reason. Spare the gentlemen, pixies, and pews.

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