Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wonderful White

Stopped by the local thrift store a few weeks ago. I hadn't been in for a few months, I'm not buying much in the way of clothing these days. I simply don't want to spend more than a few cents on anything when I can do a bag sale for $3. (Plus I'm refashioning what I have.) However as soon as I saw this skirt I had to have it! For $2.50 I knew I'd be saving about $25.00 once I turned it into a dress for Rubes. So off came the bottom ruffle and the lace trim on the waist. I love my seam ripping tool. Then I took out the zipper and seam that ran the lenght of the skirt from there. Took off about 6 inches round the waist and sewed it back together. A little bit of elastic and some gathering in the back.

Made 2 ties from the removed fabric and attached them to the top to create a halter top neckline. Reattached the lace from the waist also to the neckline. Tah Dah! A wonderful white summer dress!
Perfect for twirling. I wonder how long it will stay white?
* Teo kept trying to poke the "princess" with a stick during this photo shoot!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The 11th Commandment?

I didn't have my camera with me on that trip to the grocery store so you'll just have to take my word for it. There was a sign in the front yard of this house that read....

The 11th commandment "Thou shall not steal other peoples pink flamingos!"

I kid you not, who knew there were elven? I'll have to ask Father Jim.

Monday, August 10, 2009

August Already?

We've been enjoying smore's. Can you tell? August is here already and I'm wondering where the time has gone.So it takes me a while between posts at times because I'm collecting photos and not down loading them. A few weeks ago I learned a few blogging tricks from a great friend, that I've yet to utilize. Summer is a busy time. The "loose" schedule is hard to maintain and I'm exhausted by the evening. The blog suffers. I'm hoping to use flickr once I figure out the down loading thing. I'd better wait for the hubby since it involves the computer and I'd hate to erase anything important. (Seriously, that could very well happen.) I'm more confident with hands on things... I know how to replace a toilet. So I'm willing to be patient and wait for some assistance with this stuff. Speaking of hands on, here's a f picture of my hands after the local library tie dye day that I assisted with. My gloves ripped and by that time there were no more replacements so....150 t-shirts were colored with no tears or anger so it was a very successful 2 1/2 hours of fun! Time to go berry picking so I'm off till later....

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