Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking Even...

I'm someone who keeps the balance. Bad things balanced by good things. Sad balanced by happy. Lows balanced by highs. I break even. This past month has been quite the time.

1. My dog died balanced by my younger brother's girlfriend coming to stay with us till December. (Some may find the comparison odd but it's the low vs. high scenario.)

2. Washing machine needed $200's worth of repairs. Turns out it didn't need a new boot seal so only $75's to fix. Yeah! Then the balance... the furnace got it's annual check-up for a total of $122.38 on the same day. Yeah?

3. Replaced a well loved thrift store that needed to go (yes, it's the one in the banner pic) with a like new hide-a-bed couch that previous owners were simply going to toss!

4. Rubes started all day kindergarten. A little sad... she spends more time with her teacher now than me. Balanced by spending one on one time with Teo, which makes me happy. His giggles make my day.

5. Needed to return to my fall job, which was very rewarding and very draining on so many emotional levels. Then I was offered a job that could utilize my creativity and artistic skills. Balance and a bonus!

There's more but really the above should be enough to prove my point... I break even. I'd like to get ahead one of these days. Maybe it's a state of mind. I've always thought of the glass as half full. Whats the catch to finish filling it up?

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happydays525 said...

I can't believe we're working together Misty!!!!!! It's like, AMAZING! =) I can't wait until we all get in the groove and can start to have a bit more fun. Truly a neat thing, and just so you know...we just had to get over $500 worth of car repairs, arghhhhhh! Talk about NOT FUN!

Loved your headband that you were wearing today and made, you are just so really need to start up an Etsy shop!

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