Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Kindergartner

My Rubes is now a Kindergartner. All day, five days a week in school. Her teacher is spending more time with her than I am now. I know she's ready and loves it but I'm a little sad. I do get to spend more alone time with Teo and he's quite the little hooligan! See the love. This past week has been interesting to say the least.
Rubes even rides the bus both ways. I'm thankful that there's a nice group of slightly older neighborhood children who look out for her. She was so excited that first day, I didn't shed a tear.
Kindergarten... where did the time go?

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

You got some special pictures of them Misty! =) Can't wait to see you at work tomorrow!!!!!!


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