Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Haircut And Speechless

So I had a moment as I perused a friends blog and noticed it's been 5 weeks since my last post! Ah Hem... I've been trying to find a balance between work, school, and life. The blog fits in somewhere and apparently I'm a blog slacker. I've been making a few costumes, recycling some clothing, prepping the house for winter and trying to socialize. In a fit of craziness to simplify, I even gave myself a haircut. More on that aways down the post.
Well, here goes. This little girl of mine... I like think to I've some idea what's going on in that little head of hers but when she opens her mouth chances are I'll be left a bit speechless.Part 1. A few weeks ago she came home with this picture in her backpack. I love the drawing and what she had her teacher write. (I love living with my Mommy. She's cool!) I got a little teary. I don't see Rubes a whole lot between school for her and work for me. And then I couldn't help but laugh cause it reads like I'm a single parent. Which would be fine if that were truly the case =:)

Part 2. Now a week ago I decided to give myself a haircut. I went and cut off 13inches of hair to donate to Locks Of Love. The next morning the following conversation took place.
Rubes: "You cut your hair."
Me: "Yep, it's pretty short."
Rubes: Giggles and tilts head, "You look like Daddy."
Me: Stunned into silence.
Rubes: Giggles again and tilts head to other side, "I have two Daddies in my house."
Me: Smiling, "First off, it's not very nice to call me Daddy. Secondly, girls can have short hair.
And finally, I do have boobies."
Both of us burst into giggles and that's that. I have to say I do hope she didn't go around school with the two daddies bit. Because once again it's simply not the case. First the single mom and then two dads...geez. Teo never said one word or look or anything about the hair. I'm thinking I could be blue and he'd carry on as if I'd always been blue.
This is naughtiness personified.
We're looking forward to Halloween!

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Patty said...

Your kids are adorable! And...I absolutely love, love, love your hair...but I think you already knew that since I've probably told you that everytime I've seen you!

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