Friday, November 20, 2009

Stuffing, Stuffing, Stuffing.

I bet you were thinking food! Well, I will be making a few pies for Thanksgiving but as of right now I'm stuffing wiener dogs, cats and dinos! A bit of a jump start on some handmade Christmas gifts.
Wiener Dog Striped3
A striped wiener for Rubes.
Wiener Teal Velvet 4
A soft teal wiener for Teo.
Wiener Dog Red2
A red fleece wiener for Conrad.
Weiner Dog Zig Zag6
A wacky zig-zag wiener for my nephew lil' Ben. (His big brother, Will, received his last year... the first one I made!)
Wool Cat Black 2
I gave this wool cat to a friend for her recent birthday. I put some goodies in the little side zipper pocket.
Dino Orange Flannel 1
A dino for Teo. He named him "Ned" from his favorite PBS show Dinosaur Train.
And when do I make all these you ask? In the evening with my new wiener dog "Maisy" curled up in my lap of course.

1 comment:

Patty said...

Those stuffed animals are so cute! Maisy looks so adorable! Can't wait to see more pictures of her!

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