Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lindsay's Dress

So here's the recent birthday gift/dress. I think of it as Little Bo Peep's Princess dress. There's some "poof" to this creation. Netting type material I had on hand. No pattern, though I did a sketch or costume design drawing first. I took some theatre courses back in the 90's. Funny how that liberal arts education is serving me now. This dress had a lot of figuring out as you sew issues. For example the pink bands in the skirt were added when I realized I'd mismeasured (and had already cut). My model Rubes couldn't walk in the mermaid fit so I added the pink parts for flare and fullness.
Hard to see but there's some pleating going on in the sleeves and poof of the skirt.

My favorite part is the rich satin bow. I found that fabric at the thrift store for a $1 a yard!

Now I'm off to work on a Birthday dress and some mermaid tails.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why February Had Only 1 Post.

It is the shortest month of the year. I've been a bit busy with life and trying to enjoy it. I've yet to incorporate this blog fully into my daily day stuff. Anyway, the folks came up and we headed on over to Klondike Days a couple weeks ago. Imagine fur traders, dog sledding, history of the northwoods type things and fun will be had by all. Here's my Dad, Teo and I enjoying a horse sleigh ride. (Teo almost fell asleep.) Teo liked this almost as much as riding the school bus which was shuttling folks too/fro the parking lots! Hubby with my Mom (who was all about wearing her fuzzy hat) and Rubes.
Then Rubes got a "Big Girl" haircut. She had 3-4 inches taken off and bangs! Off course I don't have a photo of the bangs yet. The camera ran out of juice before the bangs decision was made. Hard to believe my peanut will be five in 2 weeks! Wow.

Sewing..... here's where the magic happens! I've made another "dress-up" dress and will post pics in the next few days. I got a little carried away with puffy sleeves and poofy parts. I spent a bit o' time figuring it out, thus no computer time. I used to enter lots of give aways once upon a time as well. Hummm.

I'm now all involved in Rubes's birthday party preparations. She's decided on a mermaid party theme. I may very well be making 5 little mermaid tails in the next few weeks. Mainly because I can't seem to stop myself!

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