Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Lately when I'm taking pictures of things, Rubes will ask to use the camera when I'm done. I love these pics. It's an eye opener to see what she wants to capture on camera. Self portrait.
Art work in progress.
Derby, most beloved of stuffed animals.
Noble steed.
A few Barbie princess friends. I love the simplicity of her shots. And the angles. I can't help but notice some picture taking characteristics from her great-grandma Markow coming through.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monarch Central

On route to our favorite walk spot we pass some milk weed plants. As soon as they come up in the spring we begin our search for "stripies". More commonly known as monarch caterpillars. We've had lots of success this summer...we have 4 at home now. Ours were all half this size when we found them and are now in the chrysalis stage. It's quite incredible when you can watch the daily transformation from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly and all in only 4 weeks or so.
I love the serious face this little boy of mine has when he's checking out his "bugs".
And my Rubes wants to pet them.
We've another week till it's butterfly time. We can hardly wait!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


First there was Hulu.

And then I found Bleach on Hulu, commercial free.

As of this moment I've only 18 episodes left.

I shall be sad till Hulu aquires more of my "new" favorite show.

Yes, I know I have a "dork" side to my personality.

I embraced it a long time ago.

I love you, Kurosaki Ichigo!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making & Baking

Why is it I always think "I'll have more time once summer gets here..." Right. I'm more occupied than ever. Well, I'm still whipping up the occasional creative item. Here's a dress from a t-shirt I altered for Rubes. My sis Cherish bought it for herself only to find out it was a junior medium not adult. I liked it but found out the sleeves were different sizes and the larger was the better fit. So with some nips, a little sewing, and a few buttons Rubes got a comfy dress. Pony riding at Grandma's house. What fun they had. Rubes was a bit timid though happy. Teo was fearless and a bit of a heart attack since he'd run up to all the horses in his excitement. He's in high gear these days.

Gave Rubes an "Art Journal" this past week. I made it back when I was working as a "Crafty" at a summer camp. I've been holding on to it for over 6 years. It's full of tie-dye colored paper, with lots of room to add other drawing and stuff. She was thrilled and did her happy giggle.

And speaking of tie-dye...I was practicing this past week for an up coming event I volunteered to lead. The library is doing a tie-dye, play at the beach, picnic day and I'm offering up my help. It's good to know a few things that your really good at doing. I'm good at sweeping, making waffles and tie-dying. When it comes to the later, I'm a spiral master. I've lots of experience and some mad skills. I hadn't done any in 5 or 6 years so I needed to practice, 20 shirts later I can honestly say I've still got the touch. Oh, Teo's pants were made from one of the hubby's old t-shirts and then dyed. They crack me up!

And lastly, Teo is now 3. Hard to believe but true. Time has been flying. I try to do something special cake wise for his Birthday since it's so close to the 4 of July. He's always going to be lacking in friends in town or too many tourists. So I found this idea originally on the Cake Wrecks site around Father's Day but then headed to Bakerella for the instructions and such. They were really easy. Cupcakes (buns) with brownie (hamburger) centers and sugar cookies (fries). The adults were awed and kids loved eating them. Success!
And finally I'm taking a "leave of absence" from my night job. I'm not super woman after all. I thought it would be easy to pull an all nighter once a week but with the kids and other work I never really recover the sleep. Sleep is necessary for the making and baking of things. May there be more of both in my future.

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