Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to a Happy New Year!

I'd like for you all to meet Black Bean and Toffee.
Black Bean and Toffee
Our family has expanded with the addition of these two lovely girl miniature wiener dogs.  There's been lots of the "wild-wiener-run" in our house in the past 48 hours.  I'm looking forward to 2011 with a huge smile on my face. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to all!  It's the little things that matter. Time with family and friends.
Savoring that time together, helping those that need help and sharing our gifts.
I'm sending warm fuzzies, love and joy to all of you this Christmas and may it last the whole year. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Space Rockets, Oh Yeah!

A few weeks ago Teo was invited to his "best" friends birthday party. I knew the party was space themed so I asked the birthday boy's mom if he liked space, moons and stars or aliens and astronauts or rockets and spaceships. The later it was. Teo liked the idea of shirts with rockets, planets and fire coming out of them. (Meaning the flames from the rockets flying. Hee, hee.)  Since I didn't have any boys 5T shirts around I decided to make some using my dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo.  From there I printed out space/rocket coloring pages found online and made my own freezer paper stencils.
Nathan's Shirts
This was the first time I did multiple colors and outlined in black.  Then I added a little something on the back of each shirt for fun.
Nathan's Shirts
Finally I whipped up a card using one of the rocket images from the coloring pages. (Not shown). Usually I let the kids make their own cards but Teo was so excited he couldn't sit still long enough to do anything but write his name that day.  Here's where it gets too funny.  According to the birthday boy's mom at the party when this gift was opened the card had slipped to the bottom of the gift bag so the shirts were found first.  Birthday boy immediately put on the blue shirt and then found the card.  As he opened his card, he looked right at Teo and said, "Oh, yeah, he knows what I like.  He knows!"  Best compliment ever!

Friday, December 17, 2010

December Blissfull ATC Swap

I'd better get cracking on my posting or December will be gone! Seems this time of year flies by...tis' the season. I managed to get sick with all the hoop-la as well. No rest for the weary as there's been snow and thus salt with the church... another post for another time. This is the time for my December Blissful ATC reveal. The theme this month was "Angels".
"On the Wings of an Angel" ATC
My background of gold and yellow paper chips was inspired by the new song book's cover in the church. I've said it before,"some of my best thinking and ideas come while I'm vacuuming."  I also sent along this vintage "hanging" card and some small paper snowflakes to my swap partner for she resides in Texas.  Sharing the snow was I.  I was a tad late in mailing my ATC for my driveway was not yet plowed!
Vintage Card Hanging
And this is the sweet ATC that Dee Dee sent to me!  (She's been doing some other fun stuff with angels this month so drop by and give her a visit. ) I do so enjoy these swaps.  I get to meet and share with such wonderful people. 
Dee Dee's ATC
And I do believe in miracles, angels, and Santa.  There's simply too many good things that happen that can't be explained.  January's theme is "White & Snow".   Something I'm very familiar with here in the northwoods.  Should be fun!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown To Christmas

Often all the projects I'm working on go unposted due to lack of time in the day.  I'm unwilling to give up sleep, snuggles with my children and such.  If I was a bit more computer savvy I suppose that would help!  So we're on day 11 of the countdown to Christmas....I'm on the hunt for our TREE today and it's snowing a lot outside! (I say "hunt"... for the kids and I will gear up, head out in the back woods, lop off a tree and then drag it home.)  Back to the countdown... here's a project I designed for work and haven't posted yet.  It's not due to a lack of love but time.
Christmas Countdown Front
A batch of 25 Library Pockets all decorated with papers from the Teresa Collins "Noel" collection.
Christmas Countdown Detail
I fill all my pockets with fun little ideas, games, or practical things to do to get ready for the holiday.   Like get a tree.  I helps me stay on track and the children like it for there's a daily adventure.  Even if that's just ice cream.
Christmas Countdown Detail
There are still a few kits available with online instructions if you'd like to make one over at Paper Studio  just shoot them an email if you're interested.  Now I'm off to start the hunt for our tree.  I believe tomorrows pocket says we're decorating it.  Must stay on track.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake

December has come and baking is in full swing. I thought I'd share a recipe I believe I found in a Taste of Home magazine a few years back. However the husband has taken to making this and has probably altered the original for now he has this version stored on our computer. I love how he makes it so here goes....
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin CakeChocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake
¾ C. soft butter
1 ½ C. granulated sugar
½ C. packed brown sugar
2 Eggs
1 Tsp. vanilla
2 ½ C. APF
1 Tsp B.P.
1 Tsp B.S
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 can (15 oz) solid – pack pumpkin
1 C. (6 oz) semisweet choc chips
2 - 1 oz squares unsweetened choc (melted and cooled)
¾ C. fine chopped pecans (optional)

• In large mixing bowl cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy.
• Add eggs one at a time, scrapping and beating well after each one.
• Add vanilla.
• Combine flour, B.P, B.S, and cinnamon and mix lightly. (sift if you can)
• Alternate dry and pumpkin into wet and add chips at end.
• Cut batter in half.  Then fold in melted unsweetened choc into one batch (if you'd like less chocolate, split batter by a 1/3 and 2/3 adding chocolate to the 1/3 portion.
• In a well greased fluted pan add half of the pecans to the sides and bottom of pan.
• Pour chocolate mixture over pecans; remaining pecans on top of chocolate batter.
• Pour remaining batter on top.

Bake at 325 degrees for 65 – 75 minutes or until toothpick come out clean from the center of the cake.
Let cool for 15 minutes before inverting on bakers rack for final cool down.
Top with icing of choice and enjoy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fall Together Layout

Happy Thanksgiving. 
So many things to be thankful for this year.  My family and friends are at the top of a long list.  I'm truly blessed.  I've been able to be quite creative this year and even started scrapping!
My most recent layout "Fall Together" is my first double page and my own design!  No sketch, whoa.  It fell together, haha, almost effortlessly.  Leaf placement took some work but was worth it.
Fall Together Layout
Papers and items used are as follows:
Base cardstock "Kraft" by Bazzill 
Bazzill Basics Half Just the Edge in Parakeet
Cosmo Cricket's "Togetherness" Collection for the leaves and behind photos
ScrapWorks Shimmer Shapes Fall Leave Assortment
Slice Design Card "Back to School" for the leaves and "Turkey Daze" for the Title
Variety of Color Box Chalk inks
Fall Together Layout
I adore fall.  I've been taking "leaf pile" pics every autumn since Ruby was born.  Twas a favorite part of my childhood and the bigger the pile the better!  I'm so pleased with this layout and the memories captured.  Yes, I've a lot to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes. Yes, Those Are Patches On My Pants.

Teo was given pants from his cousin that were in great shape except for the knees. What to do? What to do? Well, if I had to patch them by golly they were going to be some "look-at-my-patches" patches!
I had lots of scraps with fusible web on the back so I started with basic shapes and then dragged out the cookie cutters.  Fused the cutouts where I wanted them on the patches then machine stitched them to prevent fraying and peeling off.  Followed by fusing the whole patch to the pants.  Embroidered along the sides, cause it's harder than hard to machine sew, and used different colored floss.  Teo likes them since they're fun and I'm happy to have saved 3 pairs of jeans.  I tell you what though, embroidering through denim was no fingers are still a bit upset with my creative twist on patches.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deer Hunting Season Sighting

Had to take a picture of this sign when I saw it. 
Deer Season 2010
Kind of says it all about the hunting going on in this area. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November Blissfull ATC Swap

I've a new love in my life... Artist Trading Cards. I'll be trading once a month with a group over at Blissfull ATC Swap.  This month's theme was "open" so it seemed like a nice time to join.   Here's my November  ATC titled "Autumn Beauty".  I made 3 of this card as similar as possible seeing as some of the papers are patterned.  The leaves came from my stash, some stamping (for background and a few I  cut out around the image) and some from the SLICE using the "Back to School" design card.  I inked the edges with a variety of colors.  The "Tiny Type"  alphabet stickers are from Cosmo Cricket.
Autumn Beauty
ATCs are only 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  This means all the bits and scraps I've been holding onto are finding a creative outlet.  Yay!  I made a card to send my ATC with.  Bazzill Dotted Swiss "Rope Swing" as the base.  Cosmo Cricket's Tiny Type stickers and "Togetherness" Collection for the strips. Inked edges.  Ribbon from my stash.
For You Card
Inside I made a four corner holder for my ATC.  (It can easily be popped out if desired.)  The pocket on the right came from my local library!  They're cleaning due to some remodeling/expansion and were giving them away!  Happy day... They said I could take as many as I wanted!  I put extra leaves in the pocket for my swap partner.  Thought it might make fall last a little longer for her.  It's always to short for me, tis' my favorite time of year.
Autumn Beauty Card
And this is what Wendy sent to me!  A gorgeous ATC in pale purples with the right amount of sparkles.  I have a fondness for pansies... my first pet rabbit was named Pansy.  (I was 4 and Bambi was a big deal!)  Also in the envelope was a pocket filled with patterned papers and a variety of fun small trinkets!  Perfect for more ATCs! 
Blissfull ATC Swap "Open"
I'm having such a creatively good time that I'm organizing a swap for Rubes and 5 other young people.  I'll post Rubes's first ATC soon.  She swapped with me this month as well...and deserves her own post.   Next month's Blissfull theme is "Angels"!  Heavenly.  Ah.....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I bought a pattern and followed it!

Happy, happy, joy, joy! A few weeks ago I bought the Sienna Dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo. I'd been dwelling on figuring out a pattern for myself or dropping a few bucks and having all the base work, plus helpful tips, provided for me. I went with the later. I simply did not want to waste time and supplies on making a pattern myself. I chose correctly! I've already made 3 dresses for Rubes! I've plans for more when time allows and I can easily alter the pattern for many different looks. (I can even shorten it to make shirts or hoodies for Teo!)
Dress 1
So this pattern is designed to recycle t-shirts.  I've pieced five together in this dress.   Rubes loves how soft the jersey is and I like how easy it is to clean.
Dress 1
On my second dress I choose to recycle a pair of crazy patch shorts I found at a bag sale this summer. 
Once Shorts
This is fast becoming Rubes's favorite.  I had to do a bit of seam ripping, pocket removing and then restitching to have enough fabric.  Twas worth it though.
Dress 2
On the third dress I tried the seams on the outside with sergered edges.  My personal favorite.  Serging the sleeves creates a slight ruffle look.  Cute.
Dress 3
She decided to wear this one to school tomorrow.  That's a compliment in and of it's self.  First grade fashion is serious to this lil girl of mine.  I bet she'll wear cowboy boots to complete her look.
Dress 3
I can't say enough good things about this pattern.  Ashley has instructions that are easy to understand and follow.  There are lots of helpful hints and suggestions for alterations.  I felt like the pattern paid for itself 3 times over after the first dress.  My only regret is not buying it sooner.  I should have trusted my lurking instincts.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Hooked On Swapping!

So I sent out my ATCs and then I received some! I'm like a little kid with mail...I get all giddy, jumpy, and squeally. Heart racing with excitement. My first ATC arrived from Sharon all the way from Virginia.
A delightful card with Halloween wishes held some fun papers and a sweet "pocket" holder for the cute witchy ATC.   Fun ribbon, too.
ATC from
A few days later came my next ATC from clear across the country.  Really.  Michelle & Ashley, from California, teamed up and sent this great vintage feel witch ATC.  I love the rick rack edge on this card, (plus this shade of green is a personal favorite).  A Halloween stamp, fun confetti and other embellishment treats accompanied the ATC.
ATC from
I love using up the smaller bits and pieces in my various stashes of crafting supplies.  I knew there was a reason I kept all those scraps! This is so much fun, I'm hooked!  I'll be swapping ATCs again soon.  

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Witch Swap ATCs

Here they are....the ATCs I made for the Great Witch Swap.   I've been so giddy and nervous while making these you'd think I was hoping to get a date or something.  Maybe it's cause these are my first ATCs ever along with wanting the recipients to really like them.  (Yep, I can be that insecure.)  There are only a few rules to follow with ATCs.  Size : 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and they must be original works of art.  The Great Witch Swap ATCs
Witch legs stuck in my head from the get go so I used the Slice with the design card, Spook Alley,  for the legs.  I made "Spook" first, then "Bewitch" using all bits and pieces of items from my paper/ribbon stashes.
The Great Witch Swap ATCs
There's Graphic 45's Alice In Wonderland Halloween collection, Bazzill card stock, and Basic Grey's Max & Whiskers papers.  Stickles for sparkle. Twinkling H20s by Creative Imaginations for some shimmer and shine.
The Great Witch Swap Gate Cards
I put the ATCs in gate cards for an added twist.  They can be displayed in a prettier fashion that way.
The Great Witch Swap Gate Card 1
Both a little different.  Not sure which I liked more.  I had a hard time letting them go truthfully.
The Great Witch Swap Gate Card 2
And the backside, just in case you were wondering.
The Great Witch Swap Gate Cards
Looking forward to my next ATC swap.  I'll post pics of the ATCs I received soon, they're terrific!  Till then, Happy Halloween, may there be lots of treats for you all!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scrapbook Layouts

I may have waited a bit to long to share these for I'm drawing some blanks as to what materials I used. When I'm having a creative upchucking I don't always remember all the details. I know I was trying to follow a sketch with this layout but strayed so far that it's pointless to try and recall it now. There's some Cosmo Cricket papers and lace from the dress in the pics. For more on that go here. I hand stitched all the wording with a silver thread and used a Hero Arts stamp for the butterflies.
Sewn For You Layout
Graphic 45 Halloween Alice in Wonderland collection in this Spooktactular layout.  I know I used a sketch from Pencil Lines, which one I'm drawing a blank on.  I utilized a few In Stitches templates with twine for the stitched parts.  The picture of Teo says sooo much about him! His little smirk gets me every time.
Spooktacular Layout
I used all Creative Imaginations papers and embellishments in this soccer layout.  I used the September Sketch Challenge  and added it to the gallery there.
Soccer Layout
I've a few more layouts to work out of my system but for now I'm swamped with wiener dog shirts and headbands for my soon to be etsy shop.  "Creative upchucking" at it's finest.  Now if only I didn't need to sleep.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoo Boo 2010

A fun time was had by all at this years Zoo Boo. I thought I'd taken more action shots but I guess I was too busy enjoying the moment rather than taking pics. Yay, me! I believe that's because quite a bit of my family (and a few friends) came up for it this year.
Zoo Boo 2010
Seairra, Molly, My Mom and Sara.
Zoo Boo 2010
My sister Summer, her Jake, nephew Hunter and Jake's son, Junior.
Zoo Boo 2010
My sister Aurora and my nephew Eli. 
Zoo Boo 2010
Eli showing us his wild zebra trying to escape side.
Zoo Boo 2010
 My sister Cherish came with her two boys, Will and Ben but somehow I've only got this picture of Ben to prove that.  Awefully good picture of the lil' man but thought I took pics of everyone.
Zoo Boo 2010
Apples from the local grocery store were a hit with all the kids.   Even Wolverine (Teo) likes a healthy snack.
Zoo Boo 2010
My Rubes makes quite the cute witch if I do say so.  Orange is such a great color for her.  And I love stripy tights!  Might have to get a few more when Halloween is over and the clearance sales hit.
Zoo Boo 2010
Zoo Boo 2010
I get my love of Halloween from my Mom.  During the costume judging she pulled out her plastic shooters and said, "Reach for the sky."  She took 5th place.
Zoo Boo 2010
Mummy me.  I made my costume out of a tea stained sheet, a cream table cloth, 2 of my Hubby's t-shirts and a pair of Ralph Lauren white corduroy pants from the thrift store.  Total cost under $5.   I think I spent 2 full days mostly figuring how to attach  the strips to look more like bandages and to come off in 3 pieces.  (Hat, shirt and pants.)  I need to add 2 strips to tighten up the middle but over all I'm happy and everyone knew what I was.
Zoo Boo 2010
There were some soda samples offered at one of the tables and the following conversation took place:
Nice Pepsi Guy :  "Would you like a sample?"
Mummy Me : "No, Thanks."
Me walking away, stopping and then thinking, turn around and go back.
Mummy Me : "On second thought, I could use a little soda, I'm dead tired."
Nice Pepsi Guy :  Laughing. "Good one."
Never gets old, still cracks me up!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've joined my first swap. I'm not recalling how exactly I found Little Messy Missy but she is the host of "The Great Witch ATC Swap".  ( ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. It is an original piece of art work that is the size of a playing card 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches).   I thought, hey, I can do that.  A little something fun for me for Halloween.  With a lot of swaps you need references to participate so I'm building my trust worthiness. 
I'll be making 2 different ATC's. I'll then mail one to a gal in southern WI and the other to a gal in MO.  I'm thinking "witchy legs".  I'll post them after they're mailed, wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for my ladies.  Another swap I joined recently will take some time to get to me.  This one goes back and forth across the world between 40 some people.  I'm in the bottom third so I figure I'll get the "stash" of goodies come January of February?  I'll make something with some of the stash in the package, replace with some of my surplus and the send it out again.  I'm trying to get the button on my side bar to help keep track of where the stash is but as of today I'm technically challenged.  Soon I hope.
I'm in the sewing of Halloween costumes right now.  I'm going as a mummy this year!  Can't wait to share some pics cause I'm loving how it's coming together... all spooky like.  And that's it for now since I'm off to work.
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