Friday, January 15, 2010

Fleece and Flannel

A few more stuffed and embroidered gifts. I picked up a flannel throw at Menards for $1.98 on Black Friday back in November. So far I've used it for 2 wiener dogs, 4 taggy blankets, a circle vest and scraps as stuffing. There's a wee bit left possibly for a scarf. I like the fleece wiener dogs their so snugly. Rubes asked for a dog to give to her friend, Zoey, for Christmas.
For some reason this wiener turned out a bit shorter and chubbier than past dogs. I used my pattern, the same one I've used for all the other wieners, so I've no idea what happened. His new owner has no complaints. According to Rubes,"Zoey loves him and sleeps with him every night."
This kitty went as a birthday gift to a sweet little girl. The "X" embroidery combined with the flannel fabric really took a toll on my fingers. I love the look though so it was worth a little pain. There's a fun little zipper pocket for goodies, too.
I'm in crazy creative mode right now. Working on a stuffed octopus, felt crown, altering a candy box, paper wrist corsages, and a tie skirt. I'm noticing surges of making stuff... ideas coming in the middle of the night. Sort of overwhelming. Now to finish them, take pictures and post. Whew.

1 comment:

happydays525 said...

Misty, Zoey just looooooooooves her soft and snuggly puppy! Thank you!

And I have to say that the cat in this post is my all time fave of yours! The color combo is what's doing it I think! You have got to start selling these missy! =)

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