Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm One Who Sleds.

So I was thinking that maybe more video posts would be nice this year. Quick and easy. I tend to over think what to write and then write nothing, so videos would be a logical addition.

Try to ignore the bit of "Up-Nort" accent... I've no idea where dat came from. ;)
I realized after this run that I could seriously injure myself. Some forms of fun are a little harder on the body as one ages. Ha, that and our hill could use another snowfall.

Rubes has turned into quite the daredevil. At the beginning of winter she'd drag her feet at the three quarter mark. Now there are three good size bumps on the run.

Teo started the go down backwards, less snow in his face. Smart little boy that one.

I prepared the hill this fall by raking all the yard leaves down it and clearing some brush. It was definitely worth all the work for this year I am a sledder.

1 comment:

Patty said...

Is this your back yard? It looks fabulous! I have to say my heart stopped a few times thinking someone was going to hit a tree. Fun videos!

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