Monday, February 22, 2010

On The Mend

So during this past week illness wiped out the family. Started with Rubes as previously posted. Then came Teo with an ear infection and prescribed meds, followed by Rudy with a bronchial infection and more meds. Then back to the doctor for Teo as he broke out in hives all over. We now know he is allergic to penicillin. As for myself, I was hanging in there till I headed south to visit the folks and lots of family. Sleeping on the couch, children not quite healthy, cats and dogs all living together and well, I'm feeling a bit yucky. Anyway, here's a generational pic of my Mom, myself, my Grandma and Rubes.
Four Generations
Four generations of women. (Rubes is still the only girl, when it comes to her generation on this side of the family.) I've more photos to share seeing as part of this weekend contained a joint baptism for 2 of the nephews and an engagement party. No wonder I'm tired.


Vic said...

...but you still have a smile on your face, amazing! What a beautiful photo of beautiful women!

happydays525 said...

What a beautiful family, inside and out! =)

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