Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentines Day. Here's the batch Rubes made for her class this year.
Valentines 2010
Took 3 days, a glue stick, many punched out hearts and a whole lot o' patience. Rubes was proud of her work and so was I. It amazes me daily all that my little girl is learning in Kindergarten. She enjoyed writing her classmates names the most. With the party not until Friday, there was much discussion about what might be in their goody bags. Then on Friday afternoon we got a call that Rubes was running a fever and needed to come home.
Valentines 2010
The party was over and she crashed. Too much excitement combined with the colds going around.
Valentines 2010
Our house is once again the "House of Snot". Happy Valentine's Day. Please pass the kleenex.

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Vic said...

Poor little Ruby, hope she's alot better now. And she did a fabulous job on her Valentine's!!!

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