Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mom, I Love You But....

Teo will be old enough to start Pre-K this fall and thus in the mail a few weeks ago we received a packet of forms to fill out. They range from an enrollment form to bus service. My favorite is the "Preschool Development Inventory". On it are 84 yes or no statements that "describe the things that children do as part of growing up."
Here's a small sampling...
Washes and dries hands.
Asks the meaning of words.
Says "I can't," "I don't know how," or "You do it."
Sings simple songs.
Puts two sentences together with the words "and," "or," or "but."

The last one I've heard used a lot recently. However it always starts the same.
Mom, I love you but,.....
Here's a sampling of Teo's love.
"Mom, I love you but, someday I'm going to drive a car."
"Mom, I love you but, I'm hungry and need a snack, please."
"Mom, I love you but, I think I should go to Jackson's house and play with him."

My favorite came on a phone call for Grandma's birthday.
"Grandma, I love you but, someday I'm going to visit and live with you for a hundred years."

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Vic said...

Oh, how cute! Thanks for sharing. As a Mom of a grown son and no grandchildren (yet?), I sure miss hearing those little voices :)

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