Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Fix Summer Top

I love "Bag Sales". There are two local churches here that have rummage sales every spring and fall. I plan my schedule around them! Church of the Pines has an all you can fit into a brown paper grocery bag for 3 bucks! (This time I found 3 bags worth of clothing.) Here's a super quick fix I did on a top I found at the sale for Ruby. The top was a children's size 10. Ruby wears a size 6. I thought I'd have to do a little cutting and sewing till I realized there was old stretched out elastic in the back. So out with the old, in with the new!
10 to 6 Ruby Shirt
I simply put in a much smaller new piece of elastic which gathered up the extra fabric wonderfully. In the future I'll be able to replace the elastic with longer pieces till Ruby does wear a size 10.
10 to 6 Ruby Shirt
I did angle the straps slightly to prevent them from slipping off her shoulders but that required only a few hand stitches on each strap. I'll be posting a few other fixes and revamps from the sale in the weeks to come.



Patty said...

You're so talented Misty! What a cutie Ruby is...and she's such a model!

Vicky said...

Wow! Love what you did with this dress! One, just one :) of my hobbies is thrift stores, rummage sales, 'em too!

Yep, Ruby is destined for modeldom!

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