Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Using The SLICE With Freezer Paper Stenciling

Is freezer paper just for storing meat? Is the SLICE just for scrapping and cards? I think not! I like to combine the two when up scaling or personalizing clothing. The technique is called "Freezer Paper Stenciling". Here's what you'll need to try it out with help from your SLICE.

SLICE Cordless Design Cutter
Glass Cutting Mat with pre-applied Adhesive
Freezer Paper
Wood Cutting Board or Thick Cardboard
Fabric Paint
Paint Brush
Item of Clothing

Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 1. Place a piece of freezer paper on your cutting mat shiny side up.
Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 2. Select an image and have your SLICE cut it out of the freezer paper. (Remember to use the mirror image setting for any words.)
Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 3. Place a wood board or thick piece of cardboard under your fabric. (In this case the board is inside the shirt.) Next lay your freezer paper stencil in the location you desire, shiny side down, and iron it onto your fabric. (I coordinate my iron setting with my fabric choice.) There will be some wrinkling of the paper before it fully flattens and clings to your fabric. Pay special attention to your edges, making sure they are secure. If your design has more than 1 piece, iron on the perimeter first. Then place the smaller loose details, shiny side down, where you'd like followed by ironing them in place.
Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 4. Apply fabric paint. If you desire more than one coat allow paint to fully dry in between applications. This prevents the stencil from becoming to "wet" and possibly peeling off.
Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 5. Remove freezer paper by simply peeling it off. I love this step and in my excitement I forgot to take a picture of it! Helpful hint: wait overnight for your paint to fully dry before removing the stencil. This will up the success rate of your stenciling.
Stenciling w/ the SLICE
Step 6. Admire your finished project!

Think of the possibilities! Imagine covering up that stain on your favorite shirt with a flower or pretty butterfly...


Vicky said...

This is so cool! Love your step by step tutorial :) And this fits in perfectly for Earth Day...recycling clothing, Yay!

ginger said...

I can't wait to try this but OH MY GOSH what is that Scissor Robot? I am now a scrapbooker so I am apparently OUT. OF. IT. Crapola, that thing is amazing. Have you tried this with a plain old exacto knife? so cool what you pulled off!

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