Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Bumper To Toddler Pillows

This was one of those projects I really enjoyed doing since the idea wasn't mine! My friend, Katy, wanted to turn her youngest son's baby bumper into pillows. She asked me for some help because A. she wasn't sure how to go about the transformation and B. I have a sewing machine and she does not. I was more than happy to help, it's a great way to recycle and extend the life on this type of item. I failed to bring my camera so no before shots. Sorry.
Bumper Customized
We started by cutting up the bumper between the vehicles. Next we took off all the ties and pulled any seams that held the batting in place. Then I'd sew up an end, Katy would add poly-fil and then I'd sew up the other end. A total of nine pillows when all was sewn and done. They're so stinking cute!
Bumper Customized
There were two smaller vehicle pieces which we both agreed would make great wall hangings once they were personalized with both boys' names. So, I took out the seems on some of the tie-back straps, ironed them flat, then ironed them onto fusible web. Next I wrote out out all the necessary letters (using a template) and cut them out. Followed by a final ironing into place on the wall hanging pieces.
Bumper Embroidery
Some embroidery stitches helped secure the letters as well as mimic the stitching found on the vehicles. Thus helping the old and new flow together. I had a great time working on this project. I have to laugh since it took only two days yet those were almost two months apart! Geez, life with kids and work makes for tricky schedules. Still, Katy is great fun. Work Day 2 came with a beer on the back deck while I embroidered and we chatted while catching some rays. Multi-tasking at its finest... so relaxing. Then I had to use my sewing machine and I recall saying, "Hey, I'm consuming alcohol and operating light machinery!" Ha.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Embroidery Cover-Up

Here's another bag sale find. There's a cute brown shirt that goes with these capris. I saw the purple paint spots from the get go and knew I could work around them easily enough.
After some gold paint, embroidery thread and a little T.V. time. I was finished.

Another summer outfit for Rubes for only a few pennies!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Snowfall... Ugh.

I woke up to this today. It's May and I had to put a sweater on my dog for her morning constitutional walk.
May Snowfall
I had to put buckets over my rhubarb plants to spare them from this last evening.
May Snowfall
A backyard view proves what nice packing snow this is. However I'm not in the mood for a snowball fight.
May Snowfall
I know it'll melt probably by this evening. Still... it's May, come on Mother Nature bring back Spring.
May Snowfall

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reworking T-Shirts And Silver Hair

Jersey is great for the quick fix as it does not require finished edges. I like the raw look. I'm drawn to the organic-ness of it. Plus I feel less inhibited... if I make a "mistake" while trying to save the shirt it will somehow be less noticeable. So far this theory has worked for me. So, here are a few shirts I saved with the use of old T-shirts. This grey shirt had the best long sleeves but also came with a bleach spot along the neckline. I simply cut out some leaf shapes from a scrap t-shirt and sewed them on. Added a few buttons and yay! I've a shirt I will wear out in public again.
Quick Fixes
Now this brown beauty I found at a bag sale and when home I saw a tiny hole near the lower front and center. Turns out Teo saw it too for he proceeded to stick his finger in it to show me. Something had to be done! Using another scrap t-shirt I cut out leaf shapes and long strips. (Leaf shapes, organic, raw edges... all connected.)
Quick Fixes
Placement required pinning since I had to use care around the gathers in the neckline and bust. (A dress form would have been helpful, nothing brings on swearing faster than sticking a pin in your boob.) Well, I liked the "vine" look and so I kept it going over the shoulder onto the back. I wear this shirt often and without profanity.
Quick Fixes
I've also played around with headbands. Now that my hair is growing out I'm wearing them again. My favorite way to make a headband is to recycle a t-shirt sleeve from one of my husband's old t-shirts. Cut off the sleeve and simply sew long strips in a circular pattern around the band letting the raw edges do their thing. (However it won't hide silver hairs.) I've known about them I just didn't notice how noticeable they were. Curly hair hides a lot. Except from above I guess.
T-Shirt Sleeve Headband
It's snowing today. I dislike it as much as poking myself with pins.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Boy.

Teo has been quite sweet these days. It's hard not to squeeze him and kiss him all the time.
Blanket Boy
Lately when I do, he uses this deep voice and says, "Mom, your squeezing my blood." Too much to love.
Blanket Boy
Hard to say "No" to this face till he goes and hits his sister with a scissors like he did this morning. (Rubes got away with a scratch thankfully, though it sounded like she'd lost her whole arm.) Ah yes... that's my boy.
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