Saturday, June 12, 2010

100 Posts!

Hard to believe I'm at my 100th post. I know that's part of my current lack of posting... wanting to do something "incredible" and thus putting it off. There's a trend of doing a giveaway when you hit 100. I've been struggling with what to do ever since I realized I was in the 90's. Silly really. Of all the things to "lose sleep" over this shouldn't be one of them. So, I'm doing the giveaway part on my blog's 2nd birthday, July 19th. Till then I'm going to resume more regular posting with all the backed-up projects I've finished. (There's everything from necktie snakes to hairbands and wiener dog applique!)

Today I'm going to share a little series I call, "Blanket Boy". Photos by Rubes with Teo as the subject. All taken without any help from me. I wasn't even in the room, though I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall for these. Where Rubes comes up with this stuff I do not know.

Blanket Boy 1: The Blanket.
Blanket Boy Series
Blanket Boy 2: A boy wrapped in his blanket.
Blanket Boy Series
Blanket Boy 3: A boy somewhere under his stuffed animals on his blanket.
(This is the one that surprised me... Rubes carefully laid out this shot...genius ,right?)
Blanket Boy Series
And here's a picture of the little photographer taken by Blanket Boy. I love that these two can play so creatively together. The time to give them their own camera may be here.
Ruby from Blanket Boy Series
And that concludes this 100th posting! Wow.


happydays525 said...

Woot..woot! And now you are just a happy little blogger aren't you? :) Love the photo series...

Vicky said...

Blanket Boy!....that's adorable! Grrreat post Misty! and Happy 100th post to you!

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