Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Creative Disaster Area

Slightly embarrassing, yes, but it's the main reason why I've been absent. Usually I clean-up while creating. However, there was another terrific rummage sale, a Husband with a serious viral infection, more "job" work than usual, a bathroom remodel and summer weather. I crumbled under the pressure and this is what happened.
Holy crap! That's how I felt. Surrounded. Hard to find a space to work let alone be creative when there's so much clutter.
Heaps upon heaps of what could be brilliant projects. Oh, the hidden potential.
So, four bags given away, one for trash and then simply folding and putting stuff away. I can breathe and am re-energized.
Clean Space
I had to "make" this space to begin with, a corner in our basement that is shared with Rubes and Teo. Though it's not my dream space... it's what I have and I'm happy to work my magic here.
Clean Space
Places to paint, sew, scrap and stamp, room for beading and all the once hidden treasures now within our reach. Feels great!
Clean Space
Now to finish all those half done projects I uncovered. Sheesh. (The downside to cleaning the craft space!)


happydays525 said...

Love the photos Misty! Your "new" area looks fantastic! You'll have to get busy and mess it up again! :)

Vicky said...

Wow! Wee! Great job! I think I saw you hiding under some fabric in the first photo or was that the little clean-up fairy :) Thanks for are much braver than I am!

Patty said...

Your area looks very nice Misty! Right now mine looks like your "before" pictures and I like it!!!! Hope your hubby's okay! Miss seeing you!!

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