Monday, June 21, 2010

More Wiener Dogs

The kids were invited to a little friend's Birthday party a few weeks ago. The birthday boy was turning two so I thought wiener dogs were in order. Teo agreed with me and decided this "mint" wiener was just right. Nice and soft made by recycling an Old Navy scarf. Arf. Arf.
Mint Wiener Dog9
Rubes wanted to know what she could give so I tried my hand at applique. From my stash I found this fun plaid and a new cotton shirt! (I buy solid color shirts from Walmart during their clearance sales for a buck and then pull them out when I remember.) I free-handed my wiener dog image larger from a sticker I had. Using fusible web, I "appliqued" the dog and word "woof" to the shirt. To secure the image some more the sewing machine, with black thread and a basic stitch, went to work.
Wiener Applique Front
Wild wiener running! Cracks me up every time! I'm glad I wrapped the dog around the side of the shirt... it's cute coming and going.
Wiener Applique Back
The birthday boy loved it as well. He wanted to wear it as soon as he saw it!


Patty said...

That stuffed wiener is so cute! I absolutely ADORE the shirt with the plaid wiener. I'm a sucker for plaid everytime!

happydays525 said...

That shirt rocks Misty!!!!

Vicky said...

Those are so awesome! Love the wiener dog! How clever of you with the shirt :)

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