Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sneaky Snakes

Today I'm home with my peanuts in our p.j.'s cause they've got "The Fever". Both kids at 101.8 degrees. Thankfully it's still dreary and wet outside. With all that in mind, I've decided to post about something more cheery. Welcome... Sneaky Snakes! I made one for my nephew's birthday and then decided to make some more.
Sneaky Snakes
Super quick project involving neckties, a wee bit o' sewing, poly-fil, and hand embroidery felt eyes.
Sneaky Snakes
To round things off I'm including one of my favorite songs as a child. I remember hearing it on the radio while driving to church. My Dad would give us kids a choice between the country station or polka. Country usually won. The whole family would sing and giggle about root beer.

Good stuff. Good times.


Vicky said...

Love, love, love those 'sneaky snakes' :) Hope all are well soon!

Patty said...

Interesting idea with the ties. You're so creative!!

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