Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sparing Society From Indecent Exposure

When I bag sale I often find little skirts that are femine and flirty. Sweet ruffly things. But when I hold them up I see how large the waist is and it hits me... these are in tended to be worn by tweens or teens. That means if the wearer considers bending over for any reason... "Indecent Exposure" will occur! Yes, I know legging are most likely worn underneath but still short is short and I never understood the "mini" skirt even when it was popular. So, because my original thought was to give these skirts to Rubes, I've taken to doing some quick alterations on them. It's suprisingly simple.
Change the waistband.
Really that's all. If there's a draw string pull it out, make a small slit to thread elastic through, sew your elastic ends together and that's that. Most times I find it's simply a matter of shortening the existing elastic or putting elastic in a pre-existing waistband. The end result is a more whirly twirly skirt that any little girl will love.
Saving Society
Here's an example of the most recent save... notice the lenght! It's slightly below Rube's knees. Geez, the tag had said medium and the waist fit me. Once again I've saved us all from a potential flashing. Whew.


Vicky said...

Good save! thank you :)

Patty said...

So cute! What an adorable model!!

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