Friday, July 23, 2010

Delay Due To Furballs....

We've been delayed in posting due to furry bundles from Grandma! Short version of the story is we're "kitten-sitting" for 2 weeks while the Grandparents are gone on vacation. Love is in the air!

Rubes and I had the following conversation while at Grandma's farm:
Rubes: "Mom, I'm never getting married."
Me: "Really, how come?"
Rubes: "Because I'm going to have lots of kitties. Like a hundred and fifty."
Me: (Trying not to giggle.) "Oh."
Ruby & Black Jack
This is Black Jack. He's the smaller (and younger) of the two, quite the explorer and a talker. Oh, the purring is the best! These little furballs have wonderful motors and they're not afraid to use them.
Mateo & Pip
Pip likes to lounge, hide in small places and sleep. The second evening of kitty care Pip disappeared. I finally went into the kids' room and asked Rubes if she was sleeping with her. To which the following conversation occurred:
Rubes: "No, I don't have her."
Me: "Well I wonder where she is?"
Rubes: (Excited) "Oh, I think she's in the Chinese cabinet!"
Me: (Confused) "Where?"
Rubes: (Pointing) "There, in the Chinese cabinet."
Me: (Giggling with understanding) "You mean the china hutch."
Pip was found inside the bottom drawer. (I didn't know it was possible to get inside the bottom drawers from underneath.)

So, with summer past the halfway mark I find myself with little free time and that's O.K. I always think there'll be more time in the summer when really there's more things to do on top of the usual. Walks on nature trails, playing at the park, swimming at the beach, picking berries and petting kitties. I wonder how I find the time (let alone remember) to do laundry and bathe the children!

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Vicky said...

How adorable! I bet'cha it's going to be realllll difficult to give up those kitties :)

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