Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Sign

I believe in signs. Fate. Prayer. All those things. There are times when I'm over thinking things and ...wham... I see or hear something that I had needed or was missing. I was working on a post today in regards to Teo's recent birthday party. It was not going well. The children were scrapping with each other. (There will be an early bedtime tonight.) Lots of photos in the post and Flickr has recently changed. (I'm finding it very frustrating to use now.) I needed a sign. Then I saw this, again, as I went to download pics for what seemed like the 50th time. I first came across this on Teo's Birthday as the rain started coming down and I hadn't a clue as what to do about his "outdoor-BBQ-beach-party". It was outside on a window ledge on the backside of the church. I was there to do some work and take pictures of the monsters for Teo's party favors.
Signs 1
To me it said, "Breath, you've put a lot of love and thought into today, it'll be fine." And I knew what to do... on with the party at a park with a shelter! Today this picture said,"Post me instead and take the kids berry picking." So a party post will come later. Oh, it also said,"Breath". Apparently I'd been holding my breath so as to not curse or yell at small children and computers. Exhale.

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Vicky said...

Isn't amazing what is put in front of us. Love your photo :)

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