Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Monster Boy is Four!

Teo turned four this week. We had a "Monster BBQ" planned for his friends and their families at a local beach. It was humid and raining. A lot. After a change of location, the party moved forward. I made these invites using leftovers from last years party.
Mateo's Birthday Invites
We had a monster cookie given as a gift from our wonderful neighbor. We also made some monster cupcakes. (Cookie Monster-ish.)

Monster melon. I found something similar on the site, One Pretty Thing. (There's tons of inspiration there.)
Since it was humid and raining the monster boys spent a great deal of time outside of the shelter getting wet and loving it! Party favors consisted of me making a bunch of stuffed monsters. Each guest was able to choose one for them self. Below are Rubes and Teo's. Teo had lots of specifics.....5 eyes and a spiky head for starters. He even thoughts on what colors.
Monsters 1 & 2
When I decided to make these I had no idea where to start. See after I sent the invites it dawned on me that 14 kids would be coming! I tried to draw out a pattern and stressed for 2 days about where to begin and then I looked on Flickr under "monsters" and went down stairs and started to sew a very basic shape outline. Legs, head, pointy ears. Felt, buttons, and embroidery floss for the eyes, mouths and fangs. Once I finished the first one I was unstoppable, the creative juices flowing, on a roll and 5 days later they were all done!
Monsters 3, 4 & 5
Some bodies were once scarves, others velour pants or a fleece blanket.
Monsters 6, 7 & 8
I used artificial flowers for the wings. These were some of my favorite monsters but apparently not that popular with the kids. Not a single one was picked. (I was told wings make them 'girl' monsters and that hair is cooler than wings anyway.)
Monsters 9, 10 & 11
Rubes insisted on some of the monsters being pink for the girl guests. Fringe "hair" and tails before wings I guess.
Monsters 12, 13 & 14
I also made a shrinky dink pendant of each monster so the child could wear it as a necklace or key chain. I was tickled with the reactions from the kids. They were in disbelief that they were able to take their monsters home for keeps! Guests and their monsters. True love. Such a great day, my little boy is four!


Patty said...

Cute invites! Those cupcakes look fantastic as does the watermelon. Scary looking monsters! Misty you're so creative!!

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday Teo! What fabulous monsters, I like the ones with wings :)

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