Sunday, August 29, 2010

Every So Often I Go Gizzzt.

It starts with a simple...I'm doing this today and the next thing I know it's gone gizzzt with a craze of cleaning.  Today went like this:  Breakfast. I'm going to finish this layout. Sew a little.  I need to finish this bag too. Cut pieces out.  Hey dear, should I wash the sheets today?  Strip bed. Whoa, that fan needs to be cleaned.  Mental note.  Where am I having the B-fast with friends on Wednesday?  Maybe the back porch.  Put away weird stuff that found it's way to back porch. I need to clean this table and chairs. Since it's teak I'll have Hubby help me haul it outside.  He's lucky enough to leave for work at this point.  Now I'll hose it and the chairs off.  Wow, there's a lot of cobwebs on the screened wall of the porch.  Stop vacuuming and take ladder around house and deweb.  Then sweep front walk.  Decide to water plants. Finish vacuuming porch.  Make a headband.  Make lunch and eat.  Work on computer.  Switch loads of wash.  Collect children and go to beach. Come home shower. Hang some laundry on line.  Decide to wash cushions on kitchen chairs, throw rugs and bath mats. More vacuuming.  Give kids a bath.  Make dinner. Feed them.  Put them to bed early so I can type this and wonder why I'm like this.   Cause seriously, there's lots of going up and down stairs and enter and exiting the house when I'm in this mode.
I bet I get it from my Mom.
Oh, at some point my boy suctioned a cup around his mouth/lips thus breaking the blood vessels and now looks, well, like a kid who sucks on cups.
I'm a bit tired now.
All I really wanted to do today was finish one layout. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well seems like the Athens fair was forever and a day ago.  I'm working on that post but there's not a lot of time at the present to do it right.  But soon, for there's a giant rabbit and chicken noodle soup to share!  School starts on Wednesday for both Rubes and Teo, resuming a schedule will be nice, but that means a closet update.  All the trying on of clothing wears us out so we've periodically stopped to eat ice cream or go swimming.  I've also been working on a few layouts for some challenges this month.  Here's my take on the Creative Imaginations August Sketch Challenge.  I'm quite pleased with the results.
Ruby Scrapbook Layout
For all the product details go here.  I did a bit of sewing and cutting out for the embellishments.  This is also the first time I've used any type of paints on a layout.  I like distressed looking papers so I guess it's no surprise I'd like paint splatter as well.  Till later, for now it's back to cleaning out the closets and tiding the house. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Recent Scrapbook Layouts

I'm officially scrapbooking now! Still kind of surprises me. I'll try to give some info on materials used but know that's an area I may screw up.  (Seeing as I do not seen to post within days of making them.) It's an area I'm hoping to improve on. 
Kitty-Kitty Scrapbook Layout
I followed Sketch 194 from Anna Bowkis of Pencil Lines.  The papers are from Basic Grey's collection "Max & Whiskers" with cardstock Kraft, Fern, and Red Rock all by Bazzill.  Tiny Type letters from Cosmo Cricket.  Twine and ribbon from May Arts.  That's a custom made yarn ball... by me...with a brad, Zots Dot and a little Ultimate Glue.
Kitty-Kitty Scrapbook Layout Detail
Here we have papers by Creative Imaginations.  A majority coming from their John Deere Collection.  Cardstock Patch and Banana from Bazzill. 
Hide A Ride Scrapbook Layout
This layout was created using the July CI Sketch Challenge.  I didn't win...this time.  I'm already working on their August Challenge with determination!   Below I have my fourth layout.  All papers and a sticker sheet from Basic Grey's "Nook & Pantry" Collection.
Love Scrapbook Layout
Sketch 170  from Anna Bowkis of Pencil Lines.  I like sketches, especially ones from Anna. I'll branch out I'm sure but for now it's working for me!
Now it's off for a long weekend of the Athens Fair!  Pony & carnival rides, 4-H booths, and a parade....and corndogs... and a fun run... and holey board.... and that's just a few of the things to keep us busy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Headbands. Lots of Headbands.

Here they are..... Felt Flower Headbands. Different colors, sizes and shapes. I'm using a variety of "pretty" elastics for the bands themselves.  (There are 2 fabric flowers made the same way as the felt.)
Felt Flower Headbands
Buttons for the centers.  Sometimes sheer ribbon for leaves.  Whatever Rubes or myself wanted.  I've plans to sell some and give away others.  Cute lil' girl gifts. Felt Flower Headbands
Now these are another story all together.  (I made something similar here.)  With my hair all a growing out I've realized that I like a thicker band and that green doesn't go with everything.  So I've tweaked my initial whipped up style into a pattern for mass production.  The jersey material is all from cutting up t-shirts. Then they are machine sewn, with the ribbon detailing done by hand.
Jersey Headbands
Each time I make one I'm happier and happier with my progress.   My current favorite is the teal & pink.  There's an orange one waiting for me so it's off to sew. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Felt Five Petal Flower Tutorial

I've been making a lot of headbands these days trying to take the focus off my crazy humidity hating hair. I'd cut it but I'm afraid that A. I'd shave it all off instead and B. it seems a waste when by next year I'll be able to donate again. So I thought I'd make a quick tutorial on how I make my felt flowers. Here goes...
Step 1: Cut out 5 felt circles or ovals. I used the Big Shot and a Nestabilities scalloped circle for the ones pictured here. They're about the size of a half dollar but any size will work.
Felt Flower Tutorial 1
Step 2: With your threaded needle do a running stitch near the base of the circle. From back to front, go in out, in out. (Make sure you tied a knot at the opposite end of your thread.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 2
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 till all 5 circles are stitched on the same thread.
Felt Flower Tutorial 3
Step 4: Pull your thread till all the petals are bunched up. (This picture shows a back view.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 4
Step 5: Next put your needle through 2 folds of the first petal past the thread knot.
Felt Flower Tutorial 5
Step 6: Pull thread tight and tie it off with a plain knot. (Also a view from the back.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 6
Step 7: Completed felt five petal flower.
Felt Flower Tutorial 7
Step 8: Embellish to your liking or project specifics. Like I said, I've been making headbands, so some buttons, ribbon, and elastic completed my vision in the picture below.
Felt Flower Tutorial 8
There's a world of possibilities here just by changing the size, shape, or fabric for your petals. I'll try to post a group shot of all the current headband madness... I'm at 14 as of tonight! Zoiks!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painted Shoes

Back in April I came across this tutorial and have wanted to paint some shoes ever since. Then I found simple white shoes at Walmart on clearance for $3! Yay!
Ruby's Painted Shoes
First I removed the shoe laces and then taped off the rubber areas. We used a variety of fabric, puffy, and glitter paints. I say "we" since Ruby did all the initial painting of the shoes and even chose her own phrases. I was in charge of the writing and used a black sharpie marker for this step.
Ruby's Painted Shoes
Ruby also let me assist with some of the shapes. She told me I'm a good "swirl and peace sign maker".
Ruby's Painted Shoes
I applied a coat of Modge Podge after all the painting was finished (and dry) to seal everything. Once that dried I threaded elastic through the eyelets instead of the laces. I wanted Rubes to simply slip these shoes on and off. Lastly, I wound up using fingernail polish remover to clean up the residue left from the tape on the rubber. (Of course I did this after I took all the pics. )
Ruby's Painted Shoes
This picture doesn't show how thrilled Rubes really is about her "new" shoes. She's upset with me for asking her to pose this way. I guess I was cramping the flare of her inner model!
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