Sunday, August 29, 2010

Every So Often I Go Gizzzt.

It starts with a simple...I'm doing this today and the next thing I know it's gone gizzzt with a craze of cleaning.  Today went like this:  Breakfast. I'm going to finish this layout. Sew a little.  I need to finish this bag too. Cut pieces out.  Hey dear, should I wash the sheets today?  Strip bed. Whoa, that fan needs to be cleaned.  Mental note.  Where am I having the B-fast with friends on Wednesday?  Maybe the back porch.  Put away weird stuff that found it's way to back porch. I need to clean this table and chairs. Since it's teak I'll have Hubby help me haul it outside.  He's lucky enough to leave for work at this point.  Now I'll hose it and the chairs off.  Wow, there's a lot of cobwebs on the screened wall of the porch.  Stop vacuuming and take ladder around house and deweb.  Then sweep front walk.  Decide to water plants. Finish vacuuming porch.  Make a headband.  Make lunch and eat.  Work on computer.  Switch loads of wash.  Collect children and go to beach. Come home shower. Hang some laundry on line.  Decide to wash cushions on kitchen chairs, throw rugs and bath mats. More vacuuming.  Give kids a bath.  Make dinner. Feed them.  Put them to bed early so I can type this and wonder why I'm like this.   Cause seriously, there's lots of going up and down stairs and enter and exiting the house when I'm in this mode.
I bet I get it from my Mom.
Oh, at some point my boy suctioned a cup around his mouth/lips thus breaking the blood vessels and now looks, well, like a kid who sucks on cups.
I'm a bit tired now.
All I really wanted to do today was finish one layout. 

1 comment:

Patty said...

Too funny Misty! I can so relate some days and others not so much (not the kids part)! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

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