Saturday, August 14, 2010

Felt Five Petal Flower Tutorial

I've been making a lot of headbands these days trying to take the focus off my crazy humidity hating hair. I'd cut it but I'm afraid that A. I'd shave it all off instead and B. it seems a waste when by next year I'll be able to donate again. So I thought I'd make a quick tutorial on how I make my felt flowers. Here goes...
Step 1: Cut out 5 felt circles or ovals. I used the Big Shot and a Nestabilities scalloped circle for the ones pictured here. They're about the size of a half dollar but any size will work.
Felt Flower Tutorial 1
Step 2: With your threaded needle do a running stitch near the base of the circle. From back to front, go in out, in out. (Make sure you tied a knot at the opposite end of your thread.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 2
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 till all 5 circles are stitched on the same thread.
Felt Flower Tutorial 3
Step 4: Pull your thread till all the petals are bunched up. (This picture shows a back view.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 4
Step 5: Next put your needle through 2 folds of the first petal past the thread knot.
Felt Flower Tutorial 5
Step 6: Pull thread tight and tie it off with a plain knot. (Also a view from the back.)
Felt Flower Tutorial 6
Step 7: Completed felt five petal flower.
Felt Flower Tutorial 7
Step 8: Embellish to your liking or project specifics. Like I said, I've been making headbands, so some buttons, ribbon, and elastic completed my vision in the picture below.
Felt Flower Tutorial 8
There's a world of possibilities here just by changing the size, shape, or fabric for your petals. I'll try to post a group shot of all the current headband madness... I'm at 14 as of tonight! Zoiks!


Vicky said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the photo step by step toot :)

hair accessories said...

How adorable! I really love this flower. I just love how cute it turned out. I know my niece would love something like this! Thanks for sharing!

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